Departures (Okuribito; JP)

Just seen the movie at the cinema and it’s awesome. Probably the best Japanese film I’ve ever seen. The show’s basically a drama about musician who ends up working as an encoffinment service provider but the plot is not that simple of course. Ryoko Hirosue is in this movie! The last movie she acted in that I watched was Wasabi and that was like more than 5 years ago at least but even at the age of 29 now, she’s still as cute as ever! Cough cough, sorry, back to reviewing the film, the show may seem a little slow but it was not boring at all to me as it has a lot of humour in it. Loved it. But like any other Oscar winning film, it’s not a kind of show that I would watch twice.

Rating: 4 / 5

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