Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen

I thought that the first one was overrated but I enjoyed this one a lot despite its crappy storyline and plot. It’s packed with 2 hours plus of action, humour and MEGAN FOX. MEGAN FOXXXXXXX!!!! Foxicleopetra!!! She sure is one hot fox. She melted my pants…HEART! Melted my heart, I meant! If any of my friends ask me to watch it again at the cinemas anytime soon, I wouldn’t mind it at all!

After thinking back about the show, I don’t think it deserved such a high rating from me actually. Cause’ there are loads of OBVIOUS flaws throughout the movie that I didn’t consider before giving the movie a review. But in overall, it was still a pretty fun ride.

Updated rating: 2.5 / 5

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