Wishing Aaron Ramsey a speedy recovery

Anyone who watches football/soccer should know by now that the Arsenal midfielder, Aaron Ramsey was horrifically injured during their match against Stoke City yesterday. It was dejavu. The same kind of feeling that I had when Eduardo has his leg broken by a challenge just 2 years ago. How the broadcast did not want to show the replay of the incident or the injured leg of the victim. How shocked and disturbed all the players (yes, Stoke players too) were on the field after witnessing the aftermath of the challenge. The difference was that, the Stoke defender that made that leg-breaking challenge clearly had no intention of hurting poor Ramsey; and the other Arsenal players have shown how much they have grown since the Eduardo incident by winning the game in the end (that time when Eduardo’s leg was broken, they lost their lead against Birmingham and ultimately, the league title too).

What upsets me the most about this is that Ramsey is only 19 years old. For a young player like that to suffer such a career threatening injury is just really really saddening. He is not fully developed and this injury will definitely take at least half to a full year to recover. It will be difficult for him to continue to improve in the future and even if he could, he might have lower chances of playing a main role for the team. It may also effect him mentally. He IS only 19. I hope there will be help to prevent this from being a phobia. Something that has proved to affect a player for a long time and maybe for life. Yes, I’m referring to Eduardo again. He has yet to return to the kind of form he had before his injury since returning last year.

To be fair to Ryan Shawcross, the captain and defender of Stoke City that made the challenge, it was probably a 60 – 40 challenge in his favour but unfortunately Ramsey was quicker than he expected and against the odds, Ramsey got to the ball first, and Shawcross was overcommitted and he could not control the momentum that followed through. However, I must agree that the red card had to be given to control the situation even if it was only a yellow card foul. Stoke player Wheelan held on to Ramsey’s hand and was trying comfort him until the medic came while most of the other players just could not stand a second glance of Ramsey’s broken leg.

This a picture of Ramsey on the ground in pain right after the challenge (click here to see it). WARNING: This is quite an unsettling image. Girls with weak heart, do not view it!

(YouTube video removed)

I was deeply moved after the Arsenal captain, Francesc Fabregas scored the penalty to grab the lead for the team. He celebrated the goal by slapping his own foot to indicate that he is dedicating the goal to his injured comrade. Then I was almost in tears when Vermaelen scored one after that to seal the win. Arsenal are now back into the race for the EPL title with only 3 points behind the league leaders, Chelsea. Come on you Gunners!

UPDATE: “During yesterday’s match against Stoke City, Aaron Ramsey sustained fractures to the tibia and fibula in his right leg. Yesterday evening he underwent surgery. The operation successfully reduced the fractures and whilst it is too soon to state an exact timescale for recovery, Aaron will certainly miss the remainder of this season.” – Arsenal.com

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