Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland (3-D)

Although this was THE movie that I was waiting for more than a year, and eventhough I am quite a fan of Tim Burton; I am not going to be bias here. This did not turn out to be the kind of Alice in Wonderland that I was hoping for. I was expecting Burton to make this film enjoyably dark, trippy and unsettling like all his other works but surprisingly, it is nothing like that at all. Okay, the CGI, environment settings and make-ups are amazing, we could already see that from the trailers, but in overall, the movie is just uninspiring and it is like as though they were just banking on the CGIs to make this seem like a very good movie (like Avatar for example). Even the original Disney Alice in Wonderland animation was more enjoyable. And if I might add, American McGee’s Alice was a better sequel than this. The genuine Alice in Wonderland is weird, mad, confusing, mysterious and just totally nonsensical but this version is not quite like that at all. Burton really should not have worked with Disney for this one.

However, I thought the acting is pretty good. Johnny Depp played a very different Madhatter, or should I say, “Sane”-hatter. Although his acting here is as good as usual but why does the character have a Scottish accent? Helena Bonham Carter did the best in my opinion. She really played her heart out for her role as the Queen of Hearts… or was she the Red Queen? And as for the young fair skinny pretty lady who played the protagonist, Alice, whatever her real name is, she is not bad considering that this was apparently her debut in playing a lead role. Burton is still really good at finding these kinds of actresses that are disturbingly attractive. Throughout the movie, she shrinks and grows many times, which pissed me off a little because her dresses never fall off, stretch or tear. *SPOILER* When she shrinks for the first time in the movie, she miraculously has a smaller dress on her. And then later on when she shrinks again, she does not have another. *END OF SPOILER* The other actors worth mentioning here are comedian Stephen Fry as the voice of the Cheshire Cat; and Mr. McFly in Back to the Future, Crispin Glover as the Knave of Hearts.

Worst thing about the film: We get to find out whether or not the Wonderland is real. There is an answer to almost everything and it should not be like that. But luc-ki-ly, there is no answer given to the Hatter’s famous riddle.

Verdict: Decent show to watch but if you are a Tim Burton fan, it would be difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed. Amazing CGI visuals though. Way better than Avatar, I thought. If only they had put as much effort into the storyline and script. Oh well, it IS Disney afterall. Anyway, if you did not watch this in 3-D, you would find this film even more ordinary.

Interesting question
: Why aren’t there any black actors or black voice actors in this movie?

: 2.5 / 5

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