Blogger Sports Carnival with City Golf

I was invited after participating a Nuffnang mini contest. The so-called carnival was held at CityGolf, 4th floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre. Quite obviously, the main purpose of this event was to do some social media marketing for the place.
Well then, let’s take a look around:
The entrance.

The.. errr.. lobby?
The main attraction, the golf simulators. There are four in total here.
A variety of golf clubs provided.
The La Bodega bar.
The chill-out area. There’s a mini pool table. The dart board outside can also be seen here.
Smoking area, where the dart board is placed.

We were provided with a light buffet. I didn’t expect that.

Everyone had a chance to try out the golf simulators

Here’s Henry showing Iris how to whack some balls.

For a female first timer, she wasn’t bad at all.

However, she was horrible at playing pool, as was I.

In overall, it was a decent event for the bloggers but didn’t really serve the purpose. They did not manage to make me like the place nor did they manage to engage me into preferring golf simulation over the real thing. I was also actually afraid of treating the simulators like the real golf driving range because it seemed to me that it was quite possible for any poorly driven golf balls to bounce off the walls or ceiling and hit me in the face. There wasn’t any assurance that such accident would not happen. They organised contests for golf, pool and dart but they were a little absurd as all the contests were going on concurrently and some unfair rules were made to save time. Not to mention about the not-so-attractive prizes.

With all that being said, sorry City Golf but I would recommend the people to go for the actual golf driving range instead. I personally felt that the real thing was more enjoyable and not to mention that it’s lower cost. However, if you’re looking for an air-conditioned place with La Bodega-priced drinks and a smoking area to play sports, then look no further. It’s like a mini club house, in a shopping mall.

I’m someone who plays sports that require a lot of running and jumping hence this wasn’t so much of a “sports carnival” to me. But I bet it was an awesome experience for the bloggers who had never tried any of these so-called sports before. It was even more awesome for the pros that attended because they stood a massive chance of winning the contest prizes and got to bully noobs like me. The main prize was a test drive of any BMW car of the winner’s choice.

For contact details and more infos, visit CityGolf’s official website.

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  1. HenRy LeE ®

    I can say this place is ok to chill out once a while. I do prefer playing the real thing. Oh by the way I saw a google ads below ur blog about golf only after u post about this. Google ads really did a good job… hahaha

  2. h3r0

    Hello 1st time here…
    Nice blog…

    For nuffnang sport carnival… It's the best for me. B'coz i never play golf before… Nice experience… He he

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