Gig Review: Incubus Live in KL 2011

Initially when I heard that Incubus was coming to Malaysia, I was superbly excited but after finding out the pricing of the tickets set by Tune Talk, I was completely turned off and decided to pass. It didn’t matter whether you wanted to be in the pit/arena or to be seated at the upper tier, the price for any ticket was RM203. Absolutely absurd. But in the end, courtesy of Benjamin Foo, I attended the concert with a complimentary ticket.

The gig took place at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur on the 23rd of July. A large number of people were already queuing up in the little rain at 6pm. The gates were only opened at 7. They split the guys and girls up into two lines for security body search.

The last time I came here was for Muse‘s concert in 2007. The stadium doesn’t have high capacity but it’s actually a good thing as it keeps all audience close to the stage.
The turn-up wasn’t as much as Muse‘s but it was a havoc in the pit (arena). There were people of all races, even Caucasians. I was annoyed by the group of kids who were inconsiderately smoking, showing off, smuggling more friends in and spacing Benjamin and I back.
Before the opening act at 8pm, two Fly FM DJs came out to get the crowd pumped up. The local band that opened the show called themselves Rosevelt. The frontman of the band has been the emcee or host of Nuffnang‘s recent events and bloggers’ gatherings. Despite not being able to hit the high notes of his bands’ songs, he managed to control the crowd very well.
Our engines were started but got cool off due to the long time taken by Incubus‘ staffs and sound engineers to replace and set up the music equipments and instruments.
Without a word, Incubus came on at around 9pm and kicks off the concert with “Megalomania“. The crowd in the pit began going mad. Everyone was pushing and mini-moshing. Some were pushing their way to the front through the middle and I got pushed along. I ended up right in front of Brandon Boyd with only a few person after me. I was so near to the stage that my view was almost like watching on screen.
One thing bad about being in the pit so close to the front is that you won’t be able to hear the vocals and lead guitars sharp and clear. But it was still an awesome experience. Some of the people there were too busy sneaking their to the front or taking photographs or recording. That’s not how you enjoy a concert and I bet they’ll regret it.
After establishing my position, I began dancing, jumping, head-banging and singing along too. It was euphoric. I was completely soaked with sweat and I don’t think it was all mine. My shoelaces got untied somehow and were stepped on by the others the whole time. After the gig, I found out that my jeans were a little torn. It was mad but exceptionally fun. Don’t think I’ll ever be too old to rock out like this.

The following is a video of them playing “Consequence” that I recorded with my mobile phone during the concert:

The girls went out of their minds after Boyd took off his jacket, performing in a very loose singlet. There was one girl behind me who screamed, “Brandon, fuck me! Fuck me, please!” at one point. He is in fact quite a beautiful man. He may seem very skinny but up close, you’d notice that he’s actually got quite muscular arms.

The lead guitarist, Mike Einziger, lacked of showmanship but was still impressive improvising some of the songs they played. The most obvious one was “Drive“, the title that got them international mainstream success. I bet they are as sick of playing it as me listening to it, hence the improvisation. Einziger, in my opinion, is quite a revolutionary guitarist. He is like a combination of both the Radiohead guitarists and Rage Against the Machine‘s Tom Morello.

The sound engineer came on to tune Eingizer‘s guitar during the encore break when the crowd just started chanting for more so it was kinda obvious that they were gonna play more regardless.

The concert was over before 11pm and many left disappointed that they didn’t play their other popular songs like Summer Romance (Anti-gravity), Are You In, Stellar, A Certain Shade of Green, Love Hurts and I Miss You. I personally would’ve been more pleased if they played New Skin, Take Me To Your Leader, Dig, Echo and Black Heart Inertia. But oh well, guess I’d just have to enjoy them on YouTube.

Setlist (list of songs played):
1. Megalomaniac
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Pardon Me
4. Have You Ever
5. Consequence
6. Anna Molly
7. Promises, Promises
8. Circles
9. Glass
10. In the Company of Wolves
11. Thieves
12. Drive
13. Pistola
14. Talk Shows on Mute
15. Adolescents
16. The Warmth
17. Nice To Know You
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  1. Isaac Tan

    awesome night for you bro. You mean they didn't play their more popular songs? I'm not really a big fan of them, so i wouldn't know which songs are in or arent.

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