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MilkADeal organised a bloggers gathering on the 17th of July at Laser Warzone, i-City Shah Alam. I believe that the main purpose of it was to promote the place and their deal through social media.

While waiting to get down to business, the bloggers gotten a chance to play some foosball and pool for free.
A little feast of buffet were also prepared as our brunch.
Too bad for me that the foods were spicy.
Laser Warzone is a place to play laser tag.

The environment seemed a little dodgy and it was kind of hot in there. It also doesn’t have an arcade or a nice cafe as the waiting area or even a cool layout but it’s not fair to compare them to Galactic Laser at Mid Valley Megamall because Laser Warzone were only in business for a couple of months.
Although environment is important, what matters most is the laser tag equipments and the battle arena. Each of the equipments has a unique name. The name that player chooses would appear on the screens with the player’s score in the game. Picking the name is one of the fun elements of laser tag and therefore Laser Warzone should really label their equipments with stickers or something ‘cause it’s very inconvenient to find out the name of every equipment by looking at the mini screen of the guns one by one.
The equipments are in good shape but they do smell horrible if the person who worn it before you were a heavy sweater. The guns are actually way better than the ones at Galactic Laser because I didn’t encounter any malfunction and also, the lasers were actually very visible when I fire. You could also see who you shot and who shot you on the screen of the gun.
At the briefing room, they played a video on the TV for instructions and the rules of playing.
The background music was louder than the voice over hence I couldn’t hear what the video was saying. They should just get the marshals to narrate the visuals.
Like Galactic Laser, Laser Warzone only has one arena. Would be better to have another one to prevent more players from waiting or crowding the only arena.
The battle arena is dark (of course, it has to be for the lights of the armour and the laser of the gun to be visible) with cool set up, props, colourful lightings and glowing artworks. It is only one still floor. Unlike Galactic Laser, it has no multi-levels. According to the marshal, the arena is designed to discourage players from camping. But I do think multi-levels would be more fun.
Playing base-centric matches wouldn’t be ideal as the locations of the two bases are quite close to each other and one of them has a slight disadvantage because the target of the base is out in the open and could be shot from afar.
Most of artworks on the walls are paintings of Aliens vs Predators.
Judging by how bootleg they looked, I don’t think they have permission to use them.
They have CCTV cameras in the arena to provide live viewing at the waiting area outside. There is also another screen that shows the scores of the on-going game.
We had over 20 players so we split up into 4 teams. We had a free for all game first as a warm up before having a tournament style game. Our respawn time after getting shot was set to 4 seconds but I’m sure they could set it longer or shorter if the customers’ request.
(Team Krusher: Melissa, Zach, Qian, Liau, myself and Iris. Photo credits to Laser Warzone’s FB page)
My team went into the final! Guess who won…
My team, of course! Laser Warzone actually prepared medals and trophies for this event. I thought that was exceptionally cool. The staffs were nice and friendly too. I was absolutely delighted.
Anyway, the price to play here is almost identical to Galactic Laser‘s.
It ain’t cheap, I know. Fear not ‘cause MilkADeal are currently running a fantastic deal where by interested individuals could play 3 games at half the price! However, the offer will only stand for 8 days so if you’re interested and not too late, purchase the deal now!
For contact details and more infos, log on to Laser Warzone’s official website.
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