Cola drinks helps relieve mouth ulcer pain?

Coke reliefs mouth ulcer pains

Coke helps ease the pain and maybe contributes in healing

No solid evidence to that but it sure helps relief the agony momentarily

I had three ulcers on the lower labial mucosa of my mouth recently and the massive sharp pain prevented me from doing anything comfortably. I couldn’t even sleep properly. And because it’s so sensitive to the point that I couldn’t even get my tongue across to wet my lips, the dryness caused the lips to break. I tried applying salt to cure but all it did was gave me worse pain. This method only works for me if the mouth ulcers came naturally.

Somehow, I don’t really know why nor if it’s safe, drowning these bastards into Coca-Cola numbs up the pain completely for a couple of minutes. I held the liquid in that area of my mouth for a few seconds and drank it. I repeated this whenever it started to hurt again and after a few hours, the pain never came back. And on the next two days, all three ulcers were healed up. What a miracle. Didn’t everyone say that soft drinks are nothing but bad for you? Not in this case, I guess.

Never tried it with Pepsi or any other carbohydrate soft drinks yet but I think it should work just as well. So there you have it, if you have mouth ulcer and it’s troubling you a lot, buy yourself some cola drinks.

However, please understand this is not a medical advice. I do not approve of this method and do not try it without professional consultation. This could’ve been a great commercial but there must be a reason why they can’t advertise the beverages with this. Also, drinks such as coke has a lot of sugar and too much consumption might cause health issues.

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  1. HenRy LeE

    hahaha… i usually will just apply salt. Damn painful but it will heal on its own after a few hours. Btw how did u get those ulcers in the 1st place? XD

  2. missyblurkit

    ah…this may well be life saver with my constant ulcers. salt of whatever gel does not work on me. thus far its been manuka honey neat on the bugger a few times a day. hurts like crazy but they do bugger off within few days

    will give coke a try when the next session happens.

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