One FC: Destiny of Warriors in Malaysia

One FC Destiny of Warrior 2012 Kuala Lumpur
Last night, a paid-per-view mixed martial arts (MMA) event was held in Malaysia for the first time ever and despite not having that much of a public hype domestically, the fights were perhaps the most entertaining one the locals have ever seen. One Fighting Championship, or simply known as One FC, is the largest MMA promotion in South East Asia, if not Asia and this episode, One FC: Destiny of Warriors, saw not only three of our home boys take the cage, but fighters from around the globe as well. Thanks to a good friend I’ve known from attending MMA classes, I got to catch this history-in-the-making event live at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

One FC Destiny of Warrior 2012 Kuala Lumpur

It kicked off with local fighter Peter Davis, the first MMA instructor I’ve learnt from, silences the critics by defeating young Singaporean Quek “The Hulk” Kim Hock by a standing technically knockout in less than a minute of the first round. The other two Malaysian MMA fighters, AJ “Pyro” Lias Mansor and Adam “Shogun” Shahir Kayoom, took the cage to face their respective opponents and the latter managed to snatch a win as well. “Shogun” was the crowd favourite as he was one of the first very successful

The other two fighters I was there to support were the fighters-cum-trainers from MuayFit, Arnaud “The Game” Lepont and Eric “The Natural” Kelly. Although it was a disappointment that Arnaud didn’t get to face his original opponent, the replacement, Korean No-gi Grappling Champion Brian “The Polar Bear” Choi, proved to be a great challenge as their bout went three rounds and ended with a scrappy rear naked choke by “The Game”. Brilliant entrance to the cage,  showing his tongue and smiling to the camera during the fight, hugging the opponent instead of just touching gloves, getting yellow carded for illegally tapping his injured knee, Arnaud is certainly entertaining to watch. He’s a funny guy when he teaches Muay Thai and MMA as well.

Eric Kelly, too, won his bout against top Korean judo master, Baek Young Kwon. He’s the humblest MMA fighter I’ve ever met and a great MMA instructor as well and to see him finally returning to the cage after almost a year and winning it as well was just simply delightful. “I wanted to finish the fight without going to the judges but cannot, sorry. I had a six submission winning streak and this is the first time I won by judges’ decision. I am not happy with my performance,” said Eric after the fight. Whatever it is, I am truly happy for him and it was the best fight of the night for me. His MMA class later will sure be packed of fans and students like myself.

One FC Destiny of Warrior 2012 Kuala Lumpur

Out of the nine bouts yesterday night, only two were poor. The fight between two BJJ masters, Leandro “Brodinho” Issa and Masakazu “Ashikan Judan” Imanari, was unexpectedly boring as the two were extremely cautious against each other. The other disappointing bout was the main event which saw Strikeforce Lightweight Champion, Renato “Babalu” Sobral, defeating Japanese fighter Tatsuya Mizuno in less than 40 seconds with a quick face-down arm bar submission. The most memorable moment out of all the fights was the brutal soccer kick to the head by Zorobabel Moreira which knocked out his tired opponent Roger “El Matador” Huerta. That move is illegal in the UFC and would’ve gotten the fighters fined and suspended. But this is One FC and there is no such rule here. Wow. Just wow. And ouch.

I felt very proud that all three of my “sifus” won and I just can’t wait for One FC to come here again. It’s definitely more exciting and thrilling when I can relate to the sport and I have participants to support. The only disappointments from this event were Allamurad “Pretty Boy” Karayev‘s bout being cancelled and the water leakage in the stadium.

One FC Stadium Negara water roof leakage
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