Heineken New Bottle Launch Party @ KL Live

Heineken New Bottle Launch Party 2012 KL Live Malaysia

Yesterday night, Heineken held a party at KL Live (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) to celebrate the launch of their new beer bottle with celebrities, media members, contest winners and invited guests. The event had Ferry Corsten, Lap Sap, Tommy Cham and Nick Haydez spinning some beats until the end. MTV VJ/host, Utt, made an appearance on stage as well to get the attendee’s attention to watch the video and to welcome the headliner, Ferry Corsten, on stage.

Heineken New Bottle 2012
Heineken New Bottle back and front.

According to Utt, Heineken took 10 years to design this bottle. 10 freakin’ years in the making and yet it looks pretty common to me. Strip off the stickers and I might probably mistaken it as a Carlsberg bottle from a distance. The introduction video that explained the new features on the bottles stated that the stickers on the new bottles are now transparent so that the beer inside can be seen. I burst out laughing inside when I read that. The only thing that made sense was that the neck of the new bottles is thinner and it gives the drinkers a more comfortable grip.

I got the invitation to the event from an email blast they sent out. All
I had to do was to text my name and IC number to the number given.
Weeks later I received an email saying that I’m invited as a VIP and all
I had to do was to bring my IC. So I thought wow, okay, maybe I
shouldn’t give this pass. But when I arrived there, I was stalled at the
staircase leading up to the venue and then was stalled again right
before the registration counter because I had no physical invitation to flash at them. They
allowed me through only after I explained everything and when I asked where the registration for VIPs is, one of the crews answered, “Actually everyone’s invitation is VIP.” I felt cheated right away. The real VIPs are the medias and celebrities seated upstairs.

Ferry Corsten at Heineken New Bottle Launch Party 2012 KL Live Malaysia

However, fortunately, unlike their previous Green Room events, there were free flow of beer and a nice spacious dance floor prepared right in front of the stage. I don’t really appreciate DJ or club music but after a few bottles of Heineken, I could move to any kind of beat and have crazy fun. Our table was always full of bottles. Not sure if we really drank that much or were there increase of lazy attendees putting their empty bottles onto our table. It’s fucking rude to do that, by the way.

Heineken empty bottles
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