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David Ng, Melvyn Ho, Tan Sek Kee, Wayne Lim,  Douglas Lim,  Adibah Noor, Ash Nair,  Indi Nadarajah, Alvin Wong, Ruzana Ibrahim, Baki Zainal & Chelsia Ng SME TV Series

Local TV supporters, the wait is over! There will finally be a new Malaysian English sitcom! Recently, on the 9th of August, Malaysia SME™ proudly announced that their 13-episode million dollar production sitcom entitled Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E) is set to be aired on NTV7 starting from the 4th of October this year. Before we continue, please do not be confused with Malaysia SME™ and the title of the sitcom like how I was. Malaysia SME™ is a media group and the producer of the sitcom.

“Small Mission Enterprise” is directed by the controversial stand comedian Douglas Lim and will feature Baki Zainal, Ash Nair, Alvin Wong, Ruzana Ibrahim, Adibah Noor, Indi Nadarajah and Chelsia Ng as the main cast. This will be the first local English sitcom since the great Kopitiam, which ended its run of seasons 12 years ago. “This sitcom will have jokes like other sitcoms but unlike other sitcoms, it has Malaysian jokes. It’s going to be the best of the best because there are (currently) no competition,” said joking as always by the local funny man, Douglas Lim. “We know that it’s inevitable that people are going to ask if it’ll be as good as Kopitiam. We don’t know but please do give it a chance. It’s about a journey of these idiots. But if they aren’t idiots, there won’t be a sitcom. It allows the viewers to learn through this journey with the idiots.”

Wayne Lim, Douglas Lim & the cast of SME TV sitcom

At the media preview event, Malaysia SME™ also had the founder of Nelson’s Franchise, Y. Bhg. Dato Nelson Kwok, and the CEO of Big Rajah Food Caterers, John William Xavier, as well to shared their inspirational experience and accounts on the challenges they had gone through in their respective business.
“When I just started my business, I had no experience at all. People
said the corn man ‘kena’ conned,” joked the Nelson’s founder whose
franchise is widely known for its awesome corn-in-cups. John William
Xavier also shared how he managed to turn his restaurant into a 5-star
restaurant with only capital to head for 2 stars. Both of them then said
that S.M.E is good for the kids these days who are more laid back to
enjoy a TV comedy series that would also show them the real challenges
in starting a small medium business.

CEO of Malaysia SME™, Wayne Lim, revealed that their main intention was to create a
TV show about small medium enterprises to encourage people to start
their own business. 99.2% businesses in Malaysia are small medium enterprises and that just shows how much it could relate to the target audience. The series will also showcase the products and services of the collaborating parties – Canon Malaysia, AXA Affin General Insurance and DHL Express Malaysia. The film of sitcom itself was shot with Canon video cameras.

Alvin Wong & Chelsia Ng on Small Mission Enterprise SME TV Sitcom

I agree that having a TV show about local SMEs is important for us Malaysians but it’s too early to tell whether the sitcom would be as entertaining and educational as they promised. One thing for sure, I am intrigued to catch it and I’m hoping that it’ll be at least comedically as good as how Kopitiam and Phua Chu Kang were back then.

Since I can’t review the series ’cause it will not be showing until October the 4th, I shall review the music video first instead. The title of the song is called “There For Me” which totally reminds me of Friends‘ theme song I’ll Be There For You. Well actually, the genre, melody, the feel of the song and the music video itself are quite similar as well. Hopefully the sitcom won’t turn out as unoriginal as the song and MV.

[UPDATE: Review available here]

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