#JustWatchMe enjoying Carlsberg Where’s the Party 2012

I’ve attended many alcohol events in the past years as a blogger but I was starting to get disinterested recently due to their repetitiveness. The brands were unwilling to put in more effort and investment to improve their events and to make ’em more exciting. Hence my negative reviews/recaps of these events which caused PRs to fear this blog for their clients. But Where’s the Party? was the one genuinely exclusive event that I’d always love to have the privilege to attend. I thought I won’t be getting the invitation this year but thanks to BenjaminFoo.com, I managed to get on the media list just two days before the event itself.

Carlsberg Where's the Party 2012 Penang Hard Rock Artist Line-up group photo performance
The artists with the Carlsberg team at the press conference.

Where’s the Party? is a huge and exclusive annual alcohol event by Carlsberg. Just like the last two instalments, the location, activities and performance line-up were kept a secret, leaving the lucky invited contest winners, media and guests to find out themselves. This time it was held last Saturday (10 November 2012) on the beach at Hard Rock Hotel in Penang Island. All attendees were provided with transportation, all meals, 2D1N stay at the hotel, t-shirt, party spectacle frames, flip flop and a free flow of beer all night long during the event itself. Although the party was on the beach, the sea was completely blocked off for
safety reasons. So no one was allowed to go near the sea or even the
hotel pool. Nobody got to get wet at this beach party but we got to dance on the dammed sand barefooted. It was considerably spacious near the main stage.

Carlsberg Where's the Party 2012 Penang Hard Rock Edmond Leung Hon Man
Edmond Leung warming up the Chinese attendees early.

The 8-hour bus ride for media (including the long queue at the registration point) from Carlsberg Brewery (Shah Alam) to
the party location kinda killed the excitement quite a bit. I’d say it
was partially the traffic condition’s fault, and perhaps mostly the organiser’s
fault for their attempt to keep the location a mystery by having the bus
to take the longer route, which was pointless ’cause we could already
find out from those who had already arrived (not to mention that we were
the last three buses). Even the escorts (apparently they were traffic
police officers) couldn’t quicken the trip that much. By the time we got
there, we practically had no time left to rest at all ’cause the press conference was about to begin in just 30 minutes. Even the girls that were hired to cheer and welcome the arrival of the attendees looked dead exhausted. Fortunately there was sufficient time to charge our phones for a bit otherwise without it, Carlsberg wouldn’t had received our contribution for the online social presence of their event. Heck, if I couldn’t charge my phone, there wouldn’t even be a video and these photos on this entry.

Carlsberg Where's the Party 2012 Penang Love Cupid Korean
Up close with Korean female dance group, Love Cubic.

It started at 8pm after the press conference. It was raining
right before that (thankfully it stopped!). Some guest performers kicked off the event on the main stage with some cover music before Hong Kong’s veteran Cantopop singer, Edmond Leong Hon Man, came on along with rock band, RubberBand, to further warm up the early Chinese crowd. His vocals weren’t impressive but he did a great job picking the right classic tunes to entertain the Chinese audience. There were several times during his intervals, the crowd requested for him to sing his ballad hits but he gently declined every time and explained that the song’s not suitable for a happy party like this. Very commendable professionalism. I think most inexperienced performers would’ve pretended that they didn’t hear the chants.

Carlsberg Where's the Party 2012 Penang Hard Rock Love Cubic upskirt
Love Cubic bouncing on stage.

Then there was a little dance contest on stage when girls in the
audience were invited on stage to do the Gangnam Style. The winners were
supposed to dance with Love Cubic, who performed next, but for unknown reasons, they didn’t. Love Cubic is a quite popular Korean female cover dance group on YouTube and I’m pleased to say that my eyes was feasted by their performance of bouncing their huge assets to popular K-pop songs, with one of the four members constantly upskirt in her short tight dress. Like most Korean stars these days, they’re so plastic but so, so hot. This pumped in a lot of sex appeal at this stage of the party. No idea why they bothered pretending that their singing by holding a mic though.

Carlsberg Where's the Party 2012 Penang Hard Rock crowd
The early crowd in front of the stage.

Local DJ outfit, Twilight Action Girl, was the act after that. They started off brilliantly but it got boring after they stopped spinning the rock tunes. Thanks to the torturous long bus ride and the lack of rest, I had to call it a night way before 3am to catch some sleep. I should’ve gone back to the room after dinner to take a nap and wake up to party at 11pm instead. But then I would’ve missed the earlier performances.

I have no complaints about the sound system. It was pretty damn good considering that it was held at an open area on the beach. Actually, I have no complaints at all besides the traveling part. I loved the buffet food stalls set up at the other end of the party area. I didn’t get to explore all four of the different games available due to the massive crowd and the darkness at those areas. Actually, I didn’t even know there were four different game sections. I’d spotted and played only the dart game which was right in front of the food section.

Carlsberg Where's the Party 2012 Penang Hard Rock Twilight Action Girl
Bikini girl dancers during Twilight Action Girl‘s act.

In conclusion, I felt that Carlsberg Where’s the Party? 2012 wasn’t as fun as the first one back in 2010 but it’s the best alcohol event in Malaysia that I have attended this year (thus far). If it was held at a beach nearer to KL, the time for traveling could’ve been greatly shortened, allowing more time and daylight for the attendees to rest, play games and participate in activities like the previous instalments. For next year, I hope to see more fun activities in the day before the music acts begin at night, and a more exciting line-up of performances.

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    @Merryn @Connie @Charmaine Oops, I calculated incorrectly. It was more like 8 hours plus haha. Still quite long, I know. It took like 6 hours from Penang back to Shah Alam.

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