Upside Down (2012) | Movie review

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Rated: P13
Genre: Fantasy, romance, science fiction
Running Time: 107 minutes
Director: Juan Diego Solanas
Cast: Jim Sturgess, Kristen Dunst

Synopsis: “Adam a seemingly ordinary guy in a very extraordinary universe. He lives humbly trying to make ends meet, but his romantic spirit holds on to the memory of a girl he met once upon a time from another world, an inverted affluent world with its own gravity, directly above but beyond reach… a girl named Eve. That childhood flirtation becomes an impossible love. But when he catches a glimpse of grown-up Eve on television, nothing will get in the way of getting her back. The most anticipated sci-fi film of 2012 with the new mind boggling visual effects that will set a new standard in sci-fi film” (Rainfilm Sdn Bhd).

Verdict: This film deserves a spot in the recently published Top 10 Worst Movies of 2012. Only two things about Upside Down do not deserve any criticism – its very interesting concept and the stunning visuals. The great plot concept of having two worlds living right next to each other turned out to be too huge for the director-cum-writer Juan Diego Solanas to capitalise on. Mad inconsistencies in the storyline, horrible dialogues (and narration), poor character development, unimpressive acting, stupid ending… I’d be very surprised if nobody makes a parody about this film. They’re smart to release it elsewhere before the United States, ’cause that’d allow the film to profit from elsewhere before the critics in the west bash the film to an inevitable flop.

Second opinions: “What a pointless movie!” (Josh Chow). “There’s potential but unfortunately, it doesn’t even obey its own rules” (Tham Ze Xin). “Nice visual effects” (Iris Loong).

Malaysian censorship: Make-out and love scenes are cut.

Rating: 1 / 5

Major plot holes: The movie starts by educating the viewers about the gravity rules of the two planets (“Down Below” and “Up Top”) that are right beside each other – everything is pulled by the gravity of its own planet and things that are on the other planet’s gravity will heat up and eventually burn. The facepalm thing is that the story doesn’t even follow its own rules. At the beginning scenes, we can see Adam (Jim Sturgess), who’s from Down Below, eating food brought by Eden (Kirsten Dunst) from Up Top. Then later on, Eden consumes food from Down Below on their reunion date. Why wouldn’t the food burn up in their stomachs? Eden also gets pregnant with Adam’s baby at the end, so does that mean sperm won’t burn and that the baby may fly? There’s also obvious inconsistency with the time it takes for Adam’s weights to burn when he’s at Up Top. In his first visit, he burns within an hour. In his second, it’s their date, and it’s for hours, presumably. And the third time, he stayed over for a night! What the…

Inconsistent physics: When Adam carries sufficient weights to go to Up Top, shouldn’t it be very difficult for him to move naturally? It certainly looks illogically easy for him in the movie. Also, how is it possible for him to withstand the blood pressure in his brains for such a long time? Anyone hanged upside would’ve probably passed out within an hour, let alone walking, running, keeping his hair down (or up rather) and thinking for hours to a day while being upside down. Then in the scene where Adam and Eden make love, they float in the air while fucking. So does that mean their body weight is the same? Goodness…

What happened to the aunt? It is forbidden
by law for the people from the Down Below planet to communicate or to go
to Up Top. At the beginning, the protagonist Adam and Eden gets caught
for passing through gravity and meeting each other. Adam’s aunt, Becky,
who didn’t break any law, gets arrested instead of Adam himself and
disappears for the rest of the movie without further clarification.

You call this a tale of love? The protagonist, Adam, is so selfish and obsessed with Eden that even though he knows that she has amnesia and has forgotten about him for 10 years, he puts BOTH of them at risk by breaking the law and attempting to get back together with her. Shouldn’t he know better considering that he acknowledges how cruel the Up Top law enforcers are?

Conveniently for the story… CCTVs don’t exist. They have cameras, TV, computers and all that… but no CCTV otherwise Adam would’ve been caught the second time much earlier in the movie.

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  1. missburunghantu

    Urghh. I should have read ur review, b4 i go for it. Damn. This is not love story. the ending is so stupid O.O! what? twins? wuttt??? since when they fuck? ==! the censorship. ==! Just so unrealistic lar.

  2. MichLeong

    Watched this just yesterday. Yes, got to agree that there's a lot of loopholes which didn't help with the Malaysian censorship. It gave me a headache too though the concept is there. Just need someone to do a better job at that.

  3. Anonymous

    and whats with the scene where he 'throws a rope'?

    I'm assuming that each planet has a rotation to each have gravity so surely the point where he threw a rope to would move. Also, if the worlds can be reached by throwing a 10 foot rope, you would also have to assume that the two points are the two planets highest altitudes. Apparently you can climb up in leggings and a light cotton cardigan. And why isnt there a storming tempest where the two climates meet each other…???????? Aaaargghh!! My brain is about to pop!

  4. Anonymous

    following on from above…oh my god, they go on a jaunty jump about with Eden on the guys shoulders through the woods below the hills. I just cant get my head around how chipper eden is considering if he lets go, she plummets to her death from thousands of feet back to her home planet…and the Trans-World Building, WTF??? It has a ballroom which is shared by both worlds. regardless of the rotation of the planets issue, how did that get built and which bricks did they use at the point they meet, if matter cant touch inverse matter…and all this after only 22 minutes of watching. POP!!!!!

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