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Skytrex Shah Alam Malaysia Extreme Challenge mini flying fox

Are you afraid of heights? No? Then take on the challenges at SkyTrex Adventure if you haven’t, and put your guts and agility to a real test! There are three different circuits with high aerial tree-to-tree obstacles to overcome – Little Adventure, Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge. The Little Adventure is obviously for kids. Big Thrill is perfect for those who want some light fun in the jungle at the height of up to 17 meters with a total 26 obstacles. For adrenaline junkies like myself, we’d wanna go for the Extreme Challenge which consists of 34 thrilling obstacles reaches up to 22 meters high.

Last weekend was my second time taking on the Extreme Challenge but unlike the first time, I had experience and I didn’t have to pay for it (ha-ha!). Here, I shall walk you through how it goes.

Skytrex Shah Alam Malaysia Extreme Challenge Briefing

The first thing I wondered before wanting to come was how safe is Skytrex really? I believe it’s 99% safe. I think the only way you can fall and die is one, if someone cuts the rope (which is almost impossible to be done with a common pair of scissors) or two, you were too retarded to double check and ensure that your carabiners are properly locked to the safety rope.

Skytrex Shah Alam Malaysia Extreme Challenge height high ladder climb

The other thing some may wonder is if they should try Big Thrill first before Extreme Challenge. I’d say it depends on each individual’s level of agility, determination, courage & ego. I went straight for Extreme Challenge & had fun.

Necessary equipments are provided and regardless of which circuit you go, you’ll have to go through a brief initiation course to learn how to use the equipments.

Skytrex Shah Alam Malaysia Extreme Challenge flying fox cable

Guys, I would advice you to position your “package” before staffs helps you wear the harness otherwise it’d be quite uncomfortable.

For Extreme Challenge, you’d kick things off with a high ladder climbing (as seen in photo above) which can be tiring. Immediately after that, the longest flying fox awaits. The beautiful pond below it has sadly dried up due the recent hot weather.

Skytrex Shah Alam Malaysia Extreme Challenges longest flying fox, monkey bar, balancing, tarzan rope swing

Then after that, 32 more challenges to go. Some are easy, some are tiring, some demands more strength than balance and some are repeated challenges with shorter or longer distance. The flying foxes are definitely the easiest ’cause all you have to do is glide. Most girls, if not all, would find the monkey bars extremely difficult to complete. I personally felt that the tightrope walking obstacle was the hardest ’cause the safety rope above was too short for me. Actually for most obstacles, the safety rope is too short for taller than average people, which makes it difficult to do the challenge properly.

The thrilling fun ends with a disappointing descending walk through a net. How I hoped they had abseiling as the finale. The whole challenge takes around 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the traffic of people in front and your pace.

Skytrex Shah Alam Malaysia Extreme Challenge certificate of completion

Upon completion, I got a certificate, which is a new thing I guess ’cause I didn’t get it the last time I came. Sadly, it doesn’t state which circuit I completed.

If I’m not mistaken, the rates for each course have gone up a bit but still affordable for an occasional fun outdoor activity. I guess that’s essentially the problem of this business; if no new courses or obstacles are frequently added, people would eventually get bored of it after coming for a few times. They haven’t changed a thing here other than the price (don’t know why they still call the Extreme Challenge a “new circuit”). It would be interesting if it is possible for them to make it a competitive activity (like a time challenge or something).

SkyTrex Adventure is located at Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor. For more info, log on to their official website at

All photo credits to Nuffnang.

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