SNL too afraid to cross the line on Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber screw up skit SNL Saturday Night Live 2013

Justin Bieber hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) yesterday and for the first time ever, the show was on the top 10 list of Malaysia Trends on Twitter, and was top of the Worldwide Trends list without a doubt. How many of these people actually follow SNL is a real mystery. Maybe less than 5%. If SNL’s original intention was to gain favourable attention of the younger audience, they’ve obviously done it. But at what cost?

Whoopi Goldberg kiss Justin Bieber SNL Saturday Night Live 2013
Almost the entire episode was a Bieber fan-servicing show. It kicked off with his unimpressive monologue by “celebrating” both Black History Month and Valentine’s Day simultaneously, serenading girls in the audience and Whoopi Goldberg, who’s sporting enough to just play along with it. Then comes the unfunny skits involving him dancing, singing, seducing, showing abs, have someone talk about how “flawless” he is (he looked like James Franco in some angles), and have him screw up a bit to “unintentionally” have a “oh-so-cute” moment. It’s utterly disappointing that SNL was unable to, or was too afraid to, step over the line and get Bieber to make a slapstick out of himself, his reputation and poke fun at his overly obsessed fangirls.

Justin Bieber showing abs on SNL Saturday Night Live 2013
The greatest irony of this episode is the Miley Cyrus Talk Show skit where they usually poke fun at celebrities with or without them present, but instead of doing just that, they had Bieber to play a Cyrus fan and lets him indirectly apologise to his fans on the whole pathetic weed-smoking ordeal (WTF, Beliebers, you want your idol to remain a virgin lesbian forever?!). That kind of shows support for the whole #CutForBieber campaign (although not many people know that the original campaign photo was actually a hoax) and that’s just so wrong at so many levels. The next time Bieber did something that his fans disapprove again, they might repeat this nonsense (by doing something worse, maybe) ’cause they’d think “hey, it worked the last time, Bieber apologised and SNL provided him the platform to do so”.

Justin Bieber looks like James Franco on Miley Cyrus Talk Show skit SNL Saturday Night Live 2013
To simply put, this episode was clearly set up to entertain Bieber’s fans and to make him look extremely awesome for them while completely ignoring how gay way below par and boring the show would be for the usual audience. It totally seemed that SNL had lost its core purpose and soul once
again, and much like the incident with the Rage Against The Machine in season 21 (1996), they’ve shown that they care nothing about using their capability to communicate the right message through the show.

Before this season begun, SNL has lost many of its popular main casts such as Andy Samberg and Kristen Wigg, now relying only on popular stars to host, and the hilarious Bill Hader to keep the show in business. Any long time fan of the American live comedy TV show would agree that the show is no where as amusing as it was before. And after this Bieber mess, SNL can only hope the loyal viewers are forgiving, and gain a mass of new audience from Bieber’s fan base to improve its presumably declining TV rating. Either way, it doesn’t seem that SNL could ever be as good as it once was.

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