NBA Slam Dunk Contest continues to suck

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Once again, I didn’t bother to wake up early to catch the live broadcast of the NBA All-Star Saturday. If it wasn’t because of YouTube, I wouldn’t even bother to watch any of it at all. Like most of the dunk contests in the past 13 years, it was a complete waste of time. It only certified just how boring NBA is today, as an entertainment, compared to back then.

The reason why the NBA Slam Dunk Contest sucks so bad now is mainly because of its current rules. The participants get to attempt the same dunk over and over and over again until the 90 – 120 second limit runs out, and by the time they finally succeed, the excitement’s already long gone ’cause we already knew what they’re trying to do after their first or second attempt. It won’t be as impactful as making it the first time when people didn’t know what to expect. In the past few occasions, some participants would fail until the time runs out while some would play it safe and replace their dunk with a less spectacular one. Zzzzzz…

Back then, the participants had to come up with twice as many dunks (total of 8 for those who made it through the final round) and most of them were capable of making them with just one or two attempts. Today, thanks by the rules, the participants won’t even practice hard enough to ensure they’d make two to four of their shitty dunks. And then on top of that, we have the poor creativity and the lack of originality. It seems as though all they could think of these days were preparing never-used-before props and dunking over objects and famous people (not to mention that they’re either seated or bent over instead of standing straight).

Terrence Ross, a Toronto Raptor player that nobody has ever heard of until
today, was crowned the NBA Slam Dunk Champion of 2013. Let’s be frank
here, he might not have done it without “paying a tribute
to Vince Carter” with one of his dunks. In case you didn’t know, the audience of all around the world were given the power to vote for whom they thought deserved to win through texting and Twitter (imagine how useful bots would be), and which longtime NBA fan
wouldn’t vote for that dunk just to support the gesture of paying homage to a true legend? So knowing that, he put on Carter’s jersey and sorta replicate of his classic dunks. If that was really his plan from the start, it’s very smart… but dirty. However, regardless of that, he was one of the three better dunkers of the night anyway.

Want to waste your time and be unimpressed? Here you go:

Will I be watching the All-Star game? Fuck, no. Most of the players today don’t even take the All-Star game seriously. Unlike the golden era, it’s no longer competitive and there isn’t players like Vince Carter anymore, someone truly wants to and can entertain the crowd. Star players today, whenever interviewed, would say, “We’re all here just to have fun and put our game faces off.” Yeah, they sure had fun making me yawn like a kid in class. So fuck them, I’d rather rewatch the All-Star games of the 80s to early 00s.

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  2. Anonymous

    The rules changed but the judges are terrible…. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler is the only high flying dunker as the judge while the rest are either forwards or centers!

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  4. Eric Lee Huangshi

    Wow. when was the last time I watched a Slam Dunk contest? Oh right? 2003..Followed by several years of shits then I gave up. The lack of creativity and effort shown is simply a turn off. I've seen better dunkers for street football. Lane-up dunks (free throw line jump dunks) are so overused as a sure fire high scoring dunks that needs little creativity and only athleticism. Surprisingly, this is the better quality among all the dunk contest lately. Put Terence Ross in the era of Carter, T-Mac, Steve Francis, I don't even think he could score any higher. I personally not a dunker, I would not know how hard is it to make a dunk but seeing how these people kept missing and trying their dunks, I think they lack the commitment to train their dunks. The all-star game? seems to be the most boring game of the season where players are not committed to entertain the crowd.It used to be a game of flair and flashy attacks in the first half and competitive game in the second half. Now it looks like a typical offense vs lazy-ass-defense game.. They have even better superstars compared to the 90's but yet they can't top the 90's All-Star game. Whatever the hell is happening to NBA

  5. Kian Fai Koh

    I watched once Slamdunk contest, it is like when a player dunk the ball, the whole court is give a huge uproar nonstop and some gal fans might spraying tears non stop lol . . .

    and yah . . . kinda boring by watching the first dunk from the clip u shared . . .

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