Sunway Lagoon’s Vuvuzela & Waterplexx 5D | Review

Vuvuzela Sunway Lagoon poster

Finally, new Sunway Lagoon rides that don’t require you to pay more than just the admission fee. The latest attractions of the theme park are the Vuvuzela and Waterplexx 5D at Water Park. You can take these rides as many times as your want, it’s all already covered by the admission fee (cough, cough… unlike Bungee Jump, Go-Kart, G-Force X… coooough).

Is it worth it for you to pay RM90 – RM120 for a revisit to this theme park just to go these two new rides? Well, I tried ’em out last weekend and here I shall share my experience with you. First, let’s talk about the Vuvuzela that’s just launched a week ago.

Vuvuzela Sunway Lagoon 1

Before any ride in a theme park, there’s always the queue. Climb up the stairs all the way to the top while queuing. 30 metres, 11 storeys high apparently. Whoever that told you there’s an escalator or a lift, don’t believe them. It’s bullshit. I got conned as well. Minimum 4 persons and maximum 6 persons per ride.

Vuvuzela Sunway Lagoon 2

Kick off by diving off the tower in the large air raft. Slide down the long snake-like twists and turns. I know they say “rocket down” but it’s actually quite slow if you’re riding with only 4 persons. Unless all four of you are fat fellas, it’s not going for be that fun. I’ve already experimented with 4, 5 and 6 persons. There’s significant differences in speed.

The raft will then plummet down to the “world’s largest water funnel” (could be true, I dunno) and shoot up like less than half circle and slide to the other side and back and forth before the cold (really cold) river-like water splash finale. I wonder if I was the only one who was expecting to go full circle, 360, in this funnel. Probably only possible if 6 fellas on the tube were obese.

Vuvuzela Sunway Lagoon

The whole ride’s about 20 seconds I think. At the end of it, you’d either feel disappointed that it’s not thrilling enough or feel like going for it again and again. One thing for sure, you’d definitely be fully wet. The only way to not feel disappointed with the Vuvuzela is really, I mean it, ride with at least 5 fellas with 3 guys on it otherwise it won’t be fast enough to satisfy your adrenalin craving.

Waterplexx 5D Sunway Lagoon poster

The Waterplexx 5D was around for months but it’s still a new thing to me. Genting Highlands only has a 4D cinema so this is in fact Malaysia’s first ever 5D ride. The only differences between Genting’s 4D Motion Master and this are that Waterplexx 5D’s seats vibrate instead really moving (but in the video below they seem to be moving), and there’re massive splashes of water. However, I did get more thrill from Waterplexx 5D than 4D Genting’s Motion Master but it may had been because I was afraid the seats, that had neither handles to harness nor shoulder restraints, would sudden move and cause everyone to plunge off and get seriously hurt. It really would’ve been much more fun if the seats moved according to sequences instead of just the freezing cold water splashing all over the audience. The CGI and 3D effects of the film can be improved greatly as well, I believe.

What’s the content of the film? Well I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t went for it. It starts off like the Vuvuzela ride, let’s just leave it at that. I wonder if they’d have multiple film choices in the future like Genting’s.

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