Trailer Talk: The Other Woman censored in Malaysia; Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow, Jupiter Ascending

The Other Woman 2014 film Katy Upson boobs Malaysia censorship

Katy Upton’s breasts in bikini are censored with mosaic at Malaysian cinemas

Not sure how many of you in Malaysia noticed this but they’ve actually put a mosaic, or pixelated, Katy Upton’s bouncy boobies in the trailer of The Other Woman, an upcoming comedy chick flick that’s scheduled to be released here on May 1st 2014 by 20th Century Fox. We’ve seen loads of censorship in films on local big screens but I do believe that this is the first.

Although those melons were covered by bikini, it’s probably fair that they had to censor them considering that this trailer would be shown before more movies at the cinemas. We wouldn’t want them kids asking their parents why their underpants suddenly got tighter. But they’d probably ask why there are boxes on the lady’s chest anyway.

Yes, it’s hilarious indeed but when I thought about it again, this was actually brilliant if it was also done as part of a marketing move. ‘Cause it got me browsing for the trailer from the internet, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who did. 20th Century Fox Malaysia uploaded the trailer of the film at its fullest glory. Check it out and you’d guess which parts where censored with mosaic:

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New trailers from Warner: Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow, Jupiter Ascending

Ahaaa! The one I’ve been waiting for since after Pacific Rim is coming very soon. So far it looks very promising, they’re doing it right. Feels like the storyline is going to be very close to the origins or perhaps, it could even be a indirect sequel ’cause there’s a new character from the Serizawa family (played by Ken Watanabe) and in the trailer, we see him walking in the bones of presumbly the dead Godzilla from the past (or from the original film). There’ll probably be a lot off-screen presence build-up before Godzilla fully appears on screen, like how JJ Abrams did with the monster in Cloverfield (2008).

I’ll be catching an exclusive 20 minute footage of the film tomorrow morning courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Malaysia and I’m absolutely excited about it. Hopefully I don’t have to sign any papers that would prohibit me from sharing about it. Anyway, Godzilla is set to be released in Malaysia on May 15th 2014.

Ah, Tom Cruise is back with yet another sci-fi action flick. To be frank, I’m not very intrigued by the trailers so far, maybe I’m too old for unoriginal thrills. Seriously, the story seems very familiar, like a mixture of The Matrix, Elysium and others. Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out, hopefully it’ll surprise me. Will be catching an exclusive 20 minute footage of this tomorrow morning too. If I’m allowed to share my thoughts about it here after that, I definitely will. Edge of Tomorrow will be released in Malaysia on May 29th 2014.

Jupiter Ascending is scheduled to be released in Malaysia on July 17th 2014. Oh the toilet cleaner is chosen to be the new queen and falls in love with the rebel soldier who saves and protects her while they try to retrieve the throne through war. Sounds like many movies we’ve seen before, doesn’t it? I’m definitely not the target audience for this film.

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