BenQ’s new projectors could turn small rooms into cinemas

BenQ home video Projector W1070+ W1080ST+ living room scenario

BenQ Malaysia launches W1070+ and W1080ST+ home video projectors

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For fellow Malaysians, the dreadful GST is upon us and to cope with it, many might already be planning to equip themselves with better home entertainment devices before April. Perhaps projectors may be one of the things in mind. I was absolutely clueless about projectors, in fact, I was skeptical about it, until I attended BenQ’s launch of their new W1070+ and W1080ST+ home video projectors. It was eye opening for newbies like myself and in overall, I was genuinely impressed.

BenQ home video Projector W1070+ W1080ST+product images

The W1070+ and W1080ST+, priced at RM3,999 and RM4,299 respectively, are Full HD 1080p home projectors with cinema-grade image quality that can give users a screen size of up to 300 inches at a significantly lower cost compared to a TV of the same size. That’s really like turning your home into a cinema. Seriously, 300 inches is humongous compared my current TV size. They are also very compact, portable and convenient to be kept when not in use.

These models have Cinema Color Reality for captivating cinematic experience with truly excellent colour performance, a 10W resonant chamber speaker with crisp-clear audio quality (claims to be as good as LED TV) and deeper base tones, a short-throw technology that could deliver even in small tight spaces (up to 100″ in a mere distance of 2.5 meters and 1.5 meters respectively), and they’re easy to install. And yes, you can watch 3D films with it as well.

BenQ projector W1070+ W1080ST+

It works on coloured walls as well. According to Jinnyboy, the spokesperson I assumed, the colour correction of the projector is so good that it even worked on his blue wall. Another great thing about it, although I’m not sure if this is a new technology, is that it has quite a flexible angle for placement (up to 30 degrees angle). Meaning, you don’t have to place it at the centre as it’d project just as well even if it’s placed at far side of your long couch. It is also MHL-ready so you could easily plug and play digital contents from mobile devices.

BenQ W1070+ W1080ST+ projector back

Surprisingly (as it is unusual), during the launching event, BenQ actually did a live comparison between their projector and a top selling one from Epson (sorry, can’t recall which model), and BenQ’s product seemed to have clearly beaten its competitor when both devices were on standard default settings. I’m not technical but I could see that BenQ’s visual quality and audio volume were significantly greater than Epson’s.

It does seem like these projectors have every one of my concerns answered. However, there are some things I would factor in if I were to consider switching from a TV set to one of these projectors. The electricity consumption is higher compared to smaller sized TV’s and there’s no media player like most TV’s do today (basically you can’t plug your USB drive in and expect it to play video files).

BenQ Malaysia W1070+ W1080ST+ launch

Well, that’s all I can say for now without actually owning one but I would seriously consider getting it instead of a new TV (when the current one dies) ’cause I want to turn my home into a cinema. If you purchase one now through BenQ channel partners, there’s a special offer that would entitle you to receive 2 pairs of 3D glasses for free. To view their specs and more, visit

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