Supervillains shine at TGV Superhero Bash

TGV Superhero Bash avengers cosplayers thanos

TGV’s Marvel Mania: Superhero Bash at The Ballroom, Jaya Shopping Centre celebrates Avengers 2 release by rewarding patrons

In conjunction with the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, TGV Cinemas organised a little party for their patrons last Saturday (April 25th) in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. The Marvel Mania: Superhero Bash was held at a usually quiet place at Jaya Shopping Centre called The Ballroom where there’s mini bowling, snooker table, digital darts, mini bar, foods and a nice comfy area to chill. It was the first time I saw the place filled with this many people.

TGV Superhero Bash marvel avengers toys figurines display

TGV Superhero Bash large iron man figurines toysAt the event that lasted from evening to night, there were many activities — the small comic & toys exhibit, Avengers characters appearances, cosplaying, face painting, kids activities, lucky draws, trivia & games with prizes like PS4, PSP Vita, exclusive toys, TGV vouchers and more! TGV also provided free bus services for those without transportation.

The parents and kids had a lot of fun, geeks have a few stuff to look at, cosplayers competed with more than just their costumes, and adults like me who were alone satisfied ourselves with the buffet and the lucky draw, which got me taking home a cute baby Stormtrooper (not a superhero but luckily I’m grew up a Star Wars fan) sponsored by Lil’ Monsters and a few IMAX movie ticket vouchers. It’s fair to say that I’ve been quite fortunate this month.

TGV Superhero Bash loki cosplay

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Ironically, the two finalists in the best cosplay contest were participants who impressed dressing up as supervillains instead of those as superheroes (yes! the bad guys win for once!). To determine the winner, the organisers put Loki and Thanos in a dance off, which the latter came out on top with an awkward and yet somewhat sweet ballroom dance with a female partner while still in his character. BALLROOM dance. Ha, how fitting.

TGV Cinemas at Jaya Shopping Centre has recently opened after years of anticipation and delays ever since the mall was demolished and rebuilt after going through that unfortunate building-collapse incident. It certainly is very convenient for the people who stays in Section 14 PJ.

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