In case you’re wondering if I’m going for Bersih 4…

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Bersih 4: For more than just free and fair elections

I went for both Bersih 2.0 and 3.0, seen the true colours of the government and the police, and experienced true 1Malaysia like never before. The historical events woken a lot of people up, and raised a lot of awareness in the urban areas which resulted in a majority votes for change in the 13th General Election although it still wasn’t enough to change the government (perhaps due to gerrymandering), the demands for free and fair election were outrageously snubbed by the government, the mainstream media did not report the truth, and I don’t recall any action taken against the unnecessarily brutal act by the police. So am I going for Bersih 4 too?

It took me a while to decide whether or not to go for Bersih 4 as it didn’t seem there was a real clear purpose and the next election is still very far away. The additional demand this time is to get Prime Minister Najib to step down and for the institutional to be reformed. Fat hopes against the fat one(s). But what else can we do? Sit around, complain everyday and let these buggers get away with it?

Summary of the story so far as reported — It took a month for Najib to claim that the US$700 million in his personal bank account was “donation” for “fighting ISIS”. He said he might sue Wall Street Journal for the “false report” but has yet to do so. He refused to take a leave of absence despite the scandal and remains as the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance as well. Everyone involved in investigating this 1MDB scandal like the MACC was either removed or replaced. The cabinet, including Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin who questioned about it were reshuffled with a bunch of butt-licking idiots. The police raided the MACC office and arrested some people who are against Najib. Sarawak Report’s website was blocked and The Edge newspapers was suspended for exposing and reporting about the scandal. Enough is enough!

If you’re one of those who didn’t even bother to register to vote or “don’t really care about politics”, I bet you’re feeling impact of everything else too — the GST implementation, the price hikes of everything, the fall of our currency, the racial politics and now they want to “regulate” social media to shut us up. How to not go for Bersih 4, you tell me? Yes, it’s going to be very scary with the intimidating taser news, military on standby, a very nervy Najib who could do almost anything now, and the police force whom we cannot trust, but we are angry and we have to at least come out together and voice our dissatisfaction in massive numbers and show these corrupted fools that they can’t silence us, otherwise we’re truly doomed, they’d win and they’d probably commit even more daring wrongdoings in the future. No fucking way, right?

So yes, of course I’m going for Bersih 4! And I urge all of you to go too, so come on! For encouragement and motivation, I shall leave you with these few relatable songs;

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