Food Review: #theBBP @ The Club, Bukit Utama PJ

#theBBP the club pj pork platter

The BBP gastropub-style restaurant offers tasty pork and wide selection of BBQ meats at fair price

I’m just going to put it out here — this is one of the best pork restaurants in Petaling Jaya. I’m more of a beef and chicken guy, maybe due to that year where I attended one too many typical Chinese weddings that all served so-so pork dishes till I had gotten sick of it, but The BBP (stylised as #theBBP) has completely renewed my joy for eating pork.

Located within The Club in Bandar Utama, the newly launched restaurant serves absolutely delicious old-fashioned pork ribs, a variety of barbeque meats, sides and snacks. As the place is a gastropub, it also serves local and imported beers. On top of all that, the pricing of the foods aren’t too expensive and very fair in KL, in fact, with the quality of meat and fresh wholesome meal they provide, which is apparently what The BBP stands for (although it’s obvious what the name actually stands for, ha-ha!).

#theBBP Pork Knuckle

There’s the #MeatStation where customers can handpick their choice of meat to be barbequed right in front of them and also the #SaladStation (no idea what’s with all the hashtags) where customers can make their own fresh dish of salad. At the launch, the media and invited guests were served with very generous, special platter to taste the different styles of pork they have and it was simply fantastic. And more than satisfying as well. Everything on the platter was amazing (except for the charcoal garlic bread which was an odd combination for me personally). If I had a bigger stomach, I would’ve eaten way more. The platter consisted of the following;

  1. Pork Knuckle with garden vegetables and jacket potatoes – Half knuckle (RM40) or Whole knuckle (RM75)
  2. BBQ Iberico Pork (RM40)
  3. Caramelized Pork Belly (RM18)
  4. Pork Bacon Mash Potato (RM6)
  5. Pork Sausage (Hungarian and Italy) (RM7 per piece)
  6. Charcoal garlic bread (RM12)

bbp bandar utama bbq pork black pig

This platter was specially served during the launch only but there is #theBBP Platter (RM65) that you could order from the menu. It includes nachos, spicy squid heads, cheese boom, white bait and Caramelized Pork Belly. I have a friend who went there with his girlfriend on the night he saw my Instagram post but unfortunately for him, it was already sold out. Better be there early for the good stuff, man.

Ah, I almost forgot, and the funky Bloody Mary with Oyster that kicked the day off for me that afternoon. It was my first trying and I ended up having more than one.

bloody mary oyster #theBBP

If you’re looking for a non-halal restaurant to have gatherings or parties with 10 to 100 guests, you could definitely consider #theBBP as well. The environment and feel of the place are nice and cozy. The outer area is like a horizontal balcony with a bar, high tables and also a grassy area. There’s also just enough space for music and other kinds of performances. The interior on the other hand is warmly furnished with a home-like ambiance to it. There are also TV’s all around if you need to catch some sports live while enjoying your food and drinks.

#theBBP @ The Club, Bukit Utama
Persiaran Surian, Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel.: 03-7724 1628
Opening hours: 5pm – 1am (Tuesday – Sunday)
Capacity: 150pax

#theBBP the club bukit utama pj outlet

#theBBP outlet interior

#theBBP bar outer

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