Anderson Silva deserved the loss to Michael Bisping

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A review on Silva vs. Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84

Being regarded as the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter of all, Anderson Silva (33-7) has a lot of fans and supporters in the world, hence the outcry claiming that Michael Bisping (28-7) didn’t deserve the unanimous decision win. Even Dana White and Silva himself thought that the decision was unjust. But was it at all? I didn’t get to watch the fight until like a day after it happened and I
don’t need to watch it again to say this for sure — it was fucking obvious that Bisping won.

Sure, Bisping’s face was more damaged at the end of it but did Silva deserve to win just because he landed that one flying knee, a straight kick and one or two flashy “creative” strikes? Rules are rules, Spider. According to all three judges, Bisping won round 1, 2 and 4 so let’s look into these three rounds to see if any of them was questionable.

In the first two rounds, all Silva did was circling around, backing off, defending, staying at the fence with his hands down allowing Bisping to attack him, making random movements just to wow the crowd and occasionally striking without full conviction. Bisping, on the other hand, controlled the centre of the octagon more, was more active, landed three clean punches at the end of round 1 that staggered Silva and in round 2 with 35 seconds to go, he dropped him and poured down the fists at top position on the ground. Undoubtedly, Bisping won these two rounds.

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Now, let’s talk about the end of round 3 as well where the key “controversial” moment happened. Bisping was dumb enough to request for his fallen mouthguard while Silva was aggressively trying to knock him out. And Silva was dumb enough to think that he won when the bell rang to signal the end of the round. He simply walked away and celebrated as soon as he dropped Bisping with the flying knee to the head without following up with anything.

With Bisping’s face bloodied, probably still hurt, and momentum shifted, — guess how Silva decided to start round 4. Instead of trying to finish the fight, Silva allowed Bisping to control the centre of the octagon again while he just circled around until Bisping’s fully recovered and then doing the same shit as he did in the first two rounds. What made him think he won? Just because he ended the final round strong and looked fresher at the end of it?

So the unanimous score of 48-47 to Bisping was fair and Silva only has himself to blame for this loss. I’m not gonna take anything away from Bisping’s well deserved victory but it looked like Silva could’ve put on a far better performance but his ego may have prevented him from doing so. Maybe he’s just afraid to fight Bisping seriously and still end up to losing. Or perhaps he doesn’t know he has already lost the hunger to win.

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