Arsenal — Season 2015/2016 Review

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Can we say that if it weren’t for Leicester City, the Gunners would’ve won the title?

Season review and rants by a Malaysian Gooner

Well no. Of course not. Although Arsenal finished second in the league and were the only one who did the double on them this season, take nothing away from Leicester City. They were genuinely brilliant, consistent and they’ve beaten teams that the Gunners couldn’t. If anything, the top clubs under-performed greatly. I’d love to talk shit about Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, but this is a review on Arsenal’s season and I shall focus on that.

We started with a loss at home against West Ham United with new signing Petr Cech being totally dodgy and then everything things slowly got better and better. Cech became world class again, saved the Gunners plenty of points and went on to win the BPL Golden Glove. Mesut Ozil was having the best season in his Arsenal career, finishing with 19 assists, the most in league, 6 more than the second place. Pacy young converted right-back Hector Bellerin was great new discovery. We beaten Leicester, Manchester United and even Bayern Munich. And then our run ended when we lost our little genius technician Santi Cazorla, the only engine in the heart of the field, got injured along with Francis Coquelin. We started playing like crap as we had no midfield control. Nobody to set up plays, get out of difficult situations, dictate tempo and distribute the rock with purpose. That only became slightly better when January signing Mohamed Elneny got to the chance to provide some of that missing services.

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More injuries set in, including both Danny Welbeck, Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez, leaving only Olivier Giroud to lead the front. In all fairness, Giroud had a pretty good season with 24 goals in all competitions and young ones like Joel Campbell and Alex Iwobi showed why they’re on the first team with great vision, passes and runs. However, if le boss Arsene Wenger had managed to buy a world class striker, we wouldn’t have missed all that chances that Ozil created. Unfortunately he had his usual excuse and stubborn principles. Although yes, there was bad luck, but since when do we not have a lot of that? If the management and player motivation were better, along with some plan B for a change, we might have been able to stay in the title race a bit longer, and probably winning it as well. But we just have to prove that we are certified bottlers.

We had like two full months without a single win, we lost to the worst performing Chelsea twice, we lost to Manchester United’s youth team, we got knocked out in the only cup we’ve been winning by a non-top club, and every time we have a chance to put pressure on Leicester, we gave it up. We weren’t even playing beautiful attacking football as much any more. We had the same fucking defensive problems, lack of plan B when we couldn’t get anything going, and finished halves without a single shot some times. Also, Walcott got to start even when he’s back to his headless chicken form. I dunno about you but I was already sick of this shit before we won the FA Cup two seasons back. It’s become so predictable that even Gooners laugh at their own team and worse now that they’re apparently fighting each other at the games.

Funny thing was, after all that, we still ended up second in the league. The previous champs Chelsea somehow found themselves around relegation zone at the beginning at the season before fighting back to finish at mid-table. Manchester City blew their season early when they announced that their current manager is going to be replaced. The Barclay’s Premier League wasn’t more competitive, everyone just under performed, except for Leicester and maybe West Ham, and Spurs too who had their best season ever and yet still finish below Arsenal. It was the best opportunity to win the league, and we screwed it up. Why? If you’ve been reading my match reviews and rants, you’d already know the answer.

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It was an emotional good bye to captain Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini and Thomas Rosicky, as they have left the Emirates Stadium’s pitch for the last time. Sure, their time is up. But so is Wenger’s, obviously. I’m eagerly waiting for his departure but I doubt it’d happen any time soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be sad to see him leave but unfortunately, a change is undeniably needed for this club to progress further. Wenger simply doesn’t have what it takes to be the manager that’s required in today’s game to win big titles.

Breaking bad to spend may please most of the fans, myself included, but I don’t think it’d necessarily be enough for this club to win the league, and to not be a joke in the Champions League. Ultimately, what’s the point of top 4 when you could even struggle in the group stages before getting knocked out right after? Yes, Manchester United and Liverpool’s outcomes are scary thoughts. But I’d take the rebuilding process now rather than being frustrated by the same fucking ways again and again.

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