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Convenient workouts anywhere, anytime by WarriorsLab

You want to be fit. You want to live a healthier lifestyle. You want to learn some martial arts. BUT life happens and you simply can’t fit yourself into the class schedules or locations of established gyms. Or you can’t find at least a friend to train with. Or you do have a partner but just not the knowledge or/and equipment to do so yourself. Here’s a solution to all the above — WarriorsLab.

Recently launched KL-based WarriorsLab is all about bringing a personal training (PT) workout sessions catered to only you, your group of friends/family or even corporate. The company offers the flexibility to make arrangements to accommodate your needs when it comes to timing and location. WarriorsLab’s trainers will scout gyms or parks near you and will design fitness regimes accordingly for your convenience.

warriorslab outdoor group workout session malaysia

Besides the “anytime, anywhere” training programme, WarriorsLab incorporate martial arts into the fitness regime led by qualified boxing and kickboxing coaches. In line with their tagline “engineering life warriors through martial arts”, WarriorsLab aims to help people become healthier, fit and positive so that they can better get through life challenges. Get stress out but fun and confidence in.

In a recent weekend, I’ve had the privilege of joining in one of WarriorsLab’s group sessions at a public park in PJ and it was a great fun workout with a mix of cardio, HIIT and basic boxing training. The coaches, Temur and Davron Kuronboev, are nice and more importantly, communicates well in English unlike some of the other instructors I’ve trained with before in the past.

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Each new student will receive an Amnig Malaysia kickstarter pack which consists of quality sportswear catered to the light to high intensity training that you will be experiencing with WarriorsLab. For fee structure or more details, visit WarriorsLab.net. You can also call / email at (+60)19 326 2473 / kickstart@warriorslab.net.

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