Run for a cause of your choice — AXA Hearts in Action Run 2017

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AXA Hearts in Action Run 2017 offers 12km and 6km categories and 5 causes for runners to choose to run for

AXA Hearts in Action Run 2017 posterFor the third consecutive year, AXA AFFIN Malaysia is hosting the AXA Hearts in Action Run. The charity run had 7,000 runners last year with a total of RM110,000 of contributions to WWF Malaysia. This year they’re aiming to raise funds for four different NGOs in Malaysia — National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO), National Kidney Foundation (NKF), World Vision Malaysia (WVM) and of course, WWF Malaysia again (’cause who doesn’t love help animals?).

Here’s the unique part, the runners get to choose which cause they’d prefer to support by selecting one of the five coloured t-shirts which each represents;

• Green – for those who support environmental protection
• Orange – for those who support the protection of wildlife
• Yellow – for those who support healthy lifestyle and the fight against diseases
• Pink – for those who support gender equality and women’s empowerment
• Blue – for those who support child education and fight against child poverty

Almost like a Power Ranger event. Anyway, AXA AFFIN Malaysia targets 8,000 runners to raise RM150,000 in support of those said causes. Here are the details of this event;

Venue: MAEPS, Serdang
Date: 24 September 2017

Categories & Price:
• 12KM (Men & Women): RM65 per runner
• 6KM (Men & Women): RM55 per runner; (Children aged 3-12): RM35 per runner

Sponsors: Brooks, Quill City Mall, Nestle Fitnesse, AXIS Physiotherapy, Urban Health, Running Malaysia

Register now at The first 2,000 early birds will receive free name personalisation on their running shirts. For more info, visit AXA AFFIN Malaysia’s official website and social channels.

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