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Tiger Beer Malaysia launches 3890Tigers campaign to take a stand for tigers

Tigers are vulnerable to extinction. 96% of its population has been wiped out in the past 100 years, leaving only 3,890 of them in the wild today and only 250 of them are Malayan Tiger. They are being illegally poached for traditional medicines and whatnot with no proof of actual benefits to its consumers. To help protect the species, Tiger Beer has announced that they’d donate USD 1 million to tiger conservation efforts and also launched the #3890Tigers campaign to ask patrons to join Tiger Beer in taking a stand against the illegal tiger trade.

By removing the proud animal from its logo, Tiger Beer attempts to raise the question – “Can you imagine a world without tigers?”, and forms part of a larger campaign aimed at raising global awareness of the issue. Tiger Beer is now asking Malaysians to join them in taking a stand, and helping to raise awareness of the consequences of the illegal tiger trade.

Working in partnership with six artists from around the globe – Malaysia’s Kenji Chai, China’s Hua Tunan, France’s Mademoiselle Maurice, Russia’s Nootk, UK’s Nick Gentry and USA’s Tran Nguyen – Tiger Beer has released an online tool which allows people to instantly create one-of-a-kind selfie art generated by AI.

By uploading a selfie on 3890Tigers.com, users can choose from a range of signature styles including enigmatic street-art-meets-calligraphy, delicate paint and ink illustrations and fluttering rainbow origami to personalise their picture before posting it on social media to show their support.

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“Tigers have always been an important cultural icon in Asia, with their strength, beauty and grace inspiring generations of artists across the region. But unless we do something now to stop the decline in their numbers, that inspiration will be forever lost to future generations. That’s why Tiger Beer has donated USD 1 million to tiger conservation efforts, and it’s why we’re asking our fans to join us by uncaging their creativity and showing their support for the cause.

By bringing together people and artists through the medium of technology, we can spread the conversation further than ever before, taking a stand against the illegal tiger trade and sharing the message that demand for products containing tiger parts is socially unacceptable.” said Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager – Tiger at Heineken Malaysia.

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In addition to using the AI tool on the website, those in Klang Valley will get the chance to pledge their support in person over the next month at pop-up ‘pledge booths’ in selected bars and supermarkets. Apart from that, customers who purchase Tiger Beer during these events can redeem an exclusive personalised Tiger t-shirt designed by Malaysian artist Kenji Chai.

Adding to this is a nationwide consumer promotion that run across pubs/bars, hypermarkets/supermarkets & coffeshops/foodcourts that enable consumers to get their hands on exclusive Tiger Beer merchandise designed by Kenji Chai and renowned Malaysian artist Nestwo, including limited-edition vacuum flasks, canvas tote bags, pillows, and multipurpose openers. Furthermore, they’ll stand a chance at winning a trip to India to see tigers thriving in the wild.

The campaign will conclude with a showcase event at Publika Mall, Kuala Lumpur, on Global Tiger Day – 29th July. Art from the 6 international artists will be on display alongside 250 individual tiger art pieces designed by local artists, symbolising the estimated number of Malayan Tigers left in the wild.

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