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Top movie picks for October releases in Malaysia



Malaysia Release Date: 5 October 2017 (TGV cinemas)
Genre: Live action anime adaptation, action horror drama
Director: Kentaro Hagiwara (Anniversary, Uso Nante Hitotsu mo Nai no TV series)
Cast: Masataka Kubota, Fumika Shimizu, Yu Aoi, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Yo Oizumi

I’ve got the chance to read the manga or watch the anime but this title has a huge fan base, even in Malaysia, including my very own girlfriend. The plot has a typical half-vampire-half-human-like story (but with powerful human-eating “ghouls” instead of vampires) with a Japanese manga/anime twist to it and possibly a social and political satire. Current fans would undoubtedly be anticipating for this one. Let’s just hope it’s not done as crappy as the other recent live action adaptations like Gantz and Attack On Titan. There’s an advanced premiere screening happening on 30 September. Tickets are on sale now at TGV.



Malaysia Release Date: 5 October 2017
Genre: Action comedy
Director-writer: Kim Joo-Hwan (Koala)
Cast: Park Seo-Joon, Kang Ha-Neul, Park Ha-Sun, Sung Dong-Il

Midnight Runners is about two police students who witnessed a kidnapping and decided to investigate on the case on their own after the failing attempt by the authorities. From my casual research, it does not seem that this film has received any negative review. There aren’t many English reviews but so far every one I saw is possible, stating that it’s funny and thrilling buddy cop flick like Rush Hour and Lethal Weapon. Probably also a satire to the whole Korean bureaucracy.



Malaysia Release Date: 19 October 2017
Genre: Action thriller
Director-writer: S. Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk)
Cast: Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Carpenter, Don Johnson

When you see Vince Vaughn, you’d think so-so to bad comedies. But this one is an action thriller and he looks very intriguing in the trailer as a former boxer who goes to prison for drug dealing. In jail, he has to do terrible things to survive and keep her wife safe from being killed on the outside. The film currently holds 95% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 20 reviews.



Malaysia Release Date: 26 October 2017
Genre: Superhero
Director: Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows)
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum

I don’t think this needs any introduction — a highly anticipated Marvel film featuring the Hulk in a Thor film. You’ve probably already seen the trailers and I have to say, they look fantastic. The usual good balance of action and humour from Marvel. In this 17th MCU instalment, Thor has his hammer Mjolnir destroyed by a powerful new villain god and must work together with fellow Avenger Bruce Banner a.k.a. Hulk, his evil brother Loki and some new characters to stop “Ragnarok” — the total destruction of all Asgard. On additional note, the director is also the guy who did What We Do in the Shadows, one of my favourite comedies in 2014. Thor: Ragnarok will be undoubtedly the best way for superhero fans to end the month.

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