Saitoh Takumi in KL for JFF 2017 launch, Tsukiji Wonderland review

saitoh takumi malaysia kl JFF 2017

Saitoh Takumi presents his film blank 13, Japanese Film Festival 2017 Malaysia launches with The Projects

Japanese idol, actor, singer and now a film director — Saitoh Takumi (Shin Godzilla, Ace Attorney) was at GSC, Pavilion Mall in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (September 5th) to grace the launch of Japanese Film Festival 2017 in Malaysia and to present the special preview of his feature-length directorial debut black 13.

Despite premiering at the 26th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in Hokkaido earlier this year, his indie family drama will only be released domestically in February 2018 so this is quite a rare treat for us Malaysian moviegoers, a rare treat that I had unfortunately missed as I remembered the date of this day incorrectly. The Festival (JFF), now ongoing at participating GSC cinemas, was launched with the film The Projects which also stars Takumi.

I did manage to not fail to attend the press screening of Tsukiji Wonderland — the documentary about the world’s largest fish market. The film convincingly, even if repetitive, shows why Tsukiji Fish Market deserves that title from the opinions and experiences of wholesalers, bidders, chefs and foreign experts and researchers. 2,000 tons of the best fishes around the world worth sixteen million dollars are being auctioned and sold there every single morning. It is also where the Michelin three-star sushi restaurant owner Jiro Ono and most of the greatest chefs in the world get their seafood ingredients from.

Tsukiji also encompasses the amazing traditional Japanese hard-working ethics — providing quality is their pride, not just earning more profit. Every shot of the foods is so mouth-watering that it made me regret for only visiting Tsukiji for a couple of hours when I was in Tokyo earlier this year. The documentary is also a very important one as the 82-year-old fish market will no longer be in Tsujiki next year after it moves to its new location. If you love Japan and its culture and food, this is a must-watch film.

Tsukiji Wonderland, blank 13 and The Projects are few of the titles in this year’s JFF. For more info about the ongoing JFF 2017 Malaysia, click here.

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