Laugh Die You: Road to Putrajaya cracks some political jokes

laugh die you road to putrajaya

Laugh Die You: Road to Putrajaya

Standup comedy show review

Held at HGH Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur on October 5th, Laugh Die You: Road to Putrajaya was the standup comedy show series’ latest instalment with a focus on politics as Malaysia’s general election is supposed to be very soon. Like in previous shows, Gurmit Singh (famous for the 90s Singaporean sitcom Phua Chu Kang) reprises his Hero Singh persona — the singing chief of security guard-cum-host of the show and featured three local standup comedians.

It was my first time going to a Laugh Die You show and despite going alone (and not to mention about driving to that part of KL in the evening on a working day), I had a real fun time. I laughed at almost every single joke these fellas had. First comedian up was Kavin Jay who told some very hey-you-wanna-hear-a-joke type of political jokes. I felt that he was holding back a little bit but still pretty funny and he was probably the only one who really came prepared to follow this particular show’s subject.

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For the second act it was Sulaiman Azmil — apparently a full-time lawyer and a part-time standup comedian. He made some hilarious racial jokes, starting with his own non-Malay look (his words, not mine). It felt kind of awkward when he made some jokes on Malays and the two Malay fellas sitting beside me didn’t make a sound. Can’t remember if he made any gag on politics.

And lastly, Rizal Van Geyzel came to replace Indi Nadarajah who couldn’t make it due to health problem. He probably didn’t have enough time to prepare any political material but his bold jokes on his own religion, hate on EDM and personal experiences abroad made up for it.

What really cracked me up the most is Gurmit Singh. Even though he served as a host but he was the funniest guy in the show. That guy is a true natural comedian. He could simply talk some shit on the spot and it’d still be fucking funny. He also sang two songs during the intermission for a charity donation that was happening.

Apart from standups, the show was also filled with funny games and giveaways in between where the audience were invited by Hero Singh to come on stage to play and the ultimate prize was a brand new TV set. The highly sporting participants, especially the guys, made the show much more humourous — from taking off their clothes to doing pole dancing without hesitation. The local cover band Hydra opened and closed the show with some really great live music performance. Respect for covering the original arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody!

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