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Why I’ve been less active and what to expect from this blog from now

To those who’ve been following this website for years, you might have noticed that it has been very inactive recently. Well, it wasn’t without a reason. After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to revert back to a personal blog that doesn’t focus mainly on the subject of movies, and will publish far fewer new posts per month than before. I’m writing this to address to you, loyal readers (if I still had any) and friends, on why and what to expect for this blog from now.

A brief history of — back in 2009, the blog became more movie-focused when I realised that most of the traffic were coming for my film reviews. I guess people liked to read them ’cause at that time, not many local bloggers reviewed movies as critically detailed, honest, casual or frequent as I did. Also, nobody used the verdict and meme format yet. I stopped creating memes for my reviews a few years ago as it was getting very difficult to make fun of movies without spoiling them. Also, I was sick of watching obviously bad movies just to review them to maintain the site traffic.

Anyway, back then, it felt like I had a purpose, to share my opinions and knowledge about movies to Malaysians and to put pressure on local distributors to bring in more genuinely good films instead of just the same repetitive shit, rom-coms and lazy action flicks. I used to pride myself as the one and only casual but honest movie critic-blogger in Malaysia.

Fast-forward to today, Instagrammers are now the more common go-to online influencers and there are thousands of local movie buffs reviewing movies in Facebook Groups alone while I’ve become an older man in his 30s with very different priorities compared to when I was an active “blogger”. I have a challenging business to run and a life to enjoy. The latter used to be from being a blogger where I had the privilege of getting invites to events as a media, drink free alcohol, eat free meals, receiving freebies, meeting pretty bloggers (this was how I actually met my girlfriend ha-ha), etc. All I needed to do in return was to spend a couple of hours doing a write-up (yes, I’m a very slow writer) and managing the photos I took (didn’t want to just copy and paste what the PR’s provided). Unfortunately not many of these stuff excite me as much anymore. Perhaps, I am indeed getting too old for this (damn it). Also, being a blogger never really gave me enough monetary returns… that’s one of the main reasons why I can no longer spend as much time on it.

Which is why I feel it’s time to change it up. From now on, I’ll also be sharing opinions and experiences on other things like travelling, fitness, health, business, sports, games, stuff that’s happening around Malaysia — just anything I care about basically. So even if I’m not earning anything from here, at least I’d feel like I’m helping out those in need of more information, personal advice and experiences on certain things. If something I experienced was good, I’d tell you it’s good. If it’s bad, I’d tell you why I fucking hated it. No BS. Still honest AF. Not like I don’t already do that from time to time but the contents will be more varied or balanced out subject-wise instead of just mostly about movies.

Of course I’ll still be reviewing films but I will not be promoting them nor will I be reviewing at least one every week like I used to anymore (unless I’m paid to do so ha-ha). Also, I’ll be far less active than I used to be. So you get the idea of the change — more variety of subjects, less about movies, inactive and more like a personal blog. When I have the time in the coming weeks or so, I’ll also try to move the site to WordPress to give it a whole new, better look. I was considering to change the domain and blog name too but I’ll see how it goes.

I’m sorry to those readers who’ve been coming here just for the movie reviews but you have a lot of other local options today compared to back then, like BFM, they’re doing a brilliant job reviewing films (feels like I’m promoting my “competitors” now ha-ha). I want to thank 20th Century Fox Malaysia, Warner Bros. Pictures Malaysia, TGV Pictures and GSC International Screens for always inviting me to every one of your press screenings all these years. Really appreciate it. I hope I’ll be able to continue attending them and reviewing your movies. But don’t expect me to be less harsh if the movie sucked ;p

Your colourless opinionator,
Tony Teh

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