12km Run at AXA Hearts in Action 2018 Malaysia

axa hearts in action run 2018

AXA Affin’s run for good causes raised RM100,000 to 5 non-profit NGO’s

Thanks to the invitation from the organisers AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad (AAGI), I got the chance to take part in the AXA Hearts in Action Run again. Like last year, I ran the 12KM but wearing the purple tee this time which to support the early cancer detection cause. Each of the five coloured tees represented different causes respectively. Anti-cancer is a cause I personally hold close to heart as my mother died of cancer and was diagnosed too late. Early detection is crucially important.

AAGI managed to contribute a total of RM100,000 to five NGO’s for the respective causes (nature, children empowerment, kidney and heart are the other four) and raised close to RM500,000 in total after organising this 4th annual run. It’s always great to see charitable events like this to be successful.

axa hearts to action run 2018 emmanuel nivet axa affin malaysia

Personal performance wise, I’m quite content. Just over 72 minutes compared to last year’s 74 minutes. Considering that I haven’t joined a run or trained for almost a year. However, this route at Anjung Floria in Putrajaya felt way easier than last year’s MAEPS Serdang. Way less elevations and according to the running app I was using, the distance I ran was only like 11.7KM but we’ll never know these apps or GPS are ever accurate. Also, when I ran for that last year, it was only five months after I tore my right knee’s ACL. So it’s no surprise that the time was slightly better.

The run was held on September 30th and was participated by over 5,000 runners. Besides the 12KM category, there were the newly introduced virtual run where runners can run the distance at their own convenience at any location, and the 6KM fun run which my girlfriend went for and finished without stopping. Very proud of her! My next sort of run should be the upcoming Viper Challenge in December. Stay tuned to my Instagram for my personal updates.

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