MyBestBox launches in KL — Largest variety show game hub in Malaysia

human crane machine ufo catcher mybestbox

Dato' Dr Ammar A. Ghapar izzue islam human crane machine ufo catcher mybestbox

Star in your own variety game show at MyBestBox, with over 40 fun attractions and games

Ever wished you’re celebrity just so that you could participate in exclusive Asian variety shows such as Korea’s Running Man and Hong Kong’s Super Trio Game Master and play some of their games? Or just jump into a dry pool like a child? Well now you can do it in Malaysia and have all the fun without even needing a job that would get you stalked by the paparazzi.

MyBestBox is now officially launched on the 6th floor of Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, offering over 40 attractions and games within an expansive 12,000sf of game space that could accommodate up to 500 guests at a time. With 4 years experience from Hong Kong (HKBestBox) and as the creator of their hero product “Rain Biking” and “Human Ping Pong”, MyBestBox brings various top-played games in Hong Kong and recreates variety game show activities for all Malaysians to enjoy being in their own variety game show.

Check out some of the fun attractions;

human whack-a-mole mybestbox malaysia
Human Whack-a-Mole. Like the Human Crane Machine / UFO Catcher, it’s one of the many games in the VS Hall where you can “versus” your friends and challenge each other to see who’s the ultimate variety game show champ.
rain biking mybestbox malaysia
Rain Biking — another challenge in the VS Hall. 3 vs 3, which ever team that loses the race will get soaked with water splashed from above.
rage room mybestbox malaysia
Rage Room — the first ever in Malaysia, release your stress and vent your anger by destroying objects int the room.
balloon boxing mybestbox
One of the games in the VS Hall. One-two-jus, punch and get the loser to pump the balloon. Take turns till the balloon bursts.
crazy kartz go kart mybestbox
Crazy Kartz — a mini drifting go-kart.
dry pool mybestbox
Take a dive into the Dry Pool. Adults are welcome.

“MYBestBox is the first in Malaysia to promote “Creative Sports” by combining active sports with fun and entertainment. With this, we’ve created a multitude of unique, creative and fun games that are guaranteed to cultivate core team values, such as team coordination, communication and leadership skills”, said the Founder and CEO of MYBestBox, Sheehan Tee.

“We strongly encourage and welcome everyone to come over and experience the wonderful sensation of getting your adrenaline pumped like never before! It is also an effective team-building exercise, where participants are encouraged to combine efforts and strategy to challenge their opponents”, adds Tee.

CEO director mybestbox sheehan tee

With an experienced crew and a spacious venue, MYBestBox is suitable for companies and brands to organize large-scale team-building activities and corporate events. The Party Room alone can accommodate up to 80 pax, and The Box is able to accommodate a total of 300 pax. In total, the 12,000sf attraction can also be occupied entirely to accommodate a total of 500 pax.

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