GSC 1 Utama launches first 4DX theater in Klang Valley, Malaysia

GSC 4DX snow effect
GSC 4DX snow effect

Experience movies with multi-sensory effects such as wind, rain, snow, smoke, scent, lightning, motion seats and more with 4DX

You’ve probably been hearing about 4DX for years or experienced it before in JB or neighbouring countries but it has finally made its way to Klang Valley at GSC 1 Utama Shopping Centre and you can now go and catch movies that’re available in the 4DX format.

Remember how we used to love Motion Master in Genting Highlands back in the old days? Well, technology has advanced to passed motion seats and three-dimensional visuals. Developed by South Korea’s CJ 4DPLEX, the 4DX technology offers multi-sensory cinematic experience delivered by a total of 20 signature motion and environmental effects.

During the launch last Thursday, I’ve got to experience 1 Utama’s 4DX cinema hall firsthand with Bumblebee (2018) screened. I felt water-spraying, strong wind, a bit of scent, smoke, lightning effects and of course, extreme powerful motion seats. There were also snow and bubbles falling from the top during the demonstrations. These effects basically follows the actions, movements and environments of the film. When characters gets punched off the cliff, the impact will be felts through the seat’s movement and the audiences’ face will feel the air. For unknown reason, I also felt water when the robots were fighting in a dry location. When the characters are in a thunderstorm, water will fail on the audience with ceiling light effects and wind blowing. When there’s fire around the characters, smoke will appear in front of the screen. You’d get the picture.

GSC 4DX water spray rain

There are quite a lot of robot-slamming action in Bumblebee and motion seats were so responsive to the action and so strong that my butt just kept slipping down the seat and my wallet actually came off my pocket without realising it (thankfully the awesome people from GSC found it). Unlike D-Box, there’s no buttons to adjust it. But there’s a control to turn off/on the water which can be very helpful if you can’t stand the cold of getting a tiny bit wet and possibly blown by strong wind in the air-conditioned environment.

In overall I’d say my Bumblebee 4DX experience was pretty interesting. It does add a bit more immersiveness to the viewing experience, more so than just the usual motion seat and surround sound. I think it would be even more immersive for movies filmed in 3D visual format.

Check out this 4DX introduction video for a more detailed explanation about what it’s capable of doing and then imagine watching a jump scare-filled horror flick in 4DX;

GSC is targeting to open another two 4DX locations in 2019, which will be located in GSC IOI City Mall, Putrajaya as well as at GSC Southkey, Johor Bahru. Apart from 4DX, GSC is also poised to open its first ScreenX cinema in 2019 – a multi-projection theatre that allows a 270-degree panoramic movie experience. By utilising a proprietary system to expand the screen to the side walls, audiences can go beyond the traditional frame with surrounding imagery that gives a sense of being inside the movie.

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