How to Unlock Kevin 3 – Overcooked 2 Campfire Cook Off DLC

overcooked 2 dlc campfire unlock kevin 3

How to unlock hidden level Kevin 3 in Overcooked 2 DLC Campfire Cook Off

I know many of us playing Overcooked 2 Campfire Cook Off DLC must be wondering how to unlock the final Hidden Level – Kevin 3. We managed to unlock it by scoring 4 stars for Level 3-3 but that is definitely not the requirement to unlock Kevin 3.

Based on what I’ve gathered, it is highly possible that players must achieve at least 11 combo of orders served and score over 800 points for Level 3-3 in order to unlock Kevin 3 in Campfire Cookoff. If you managed 11-servings combo, you’d score over 800 points anyway. You should be able to unlock Kevin 3 with that.

Here’s a video of how we scored 4 stars for Level 3-3 (2-player co-op);

Check out our other 3-star playthrough videos of the DLC here.

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