Robert Pattinson as The Batman can be good – Quick Thoughts

robert pattinson batman reboot 2021 matt reeves
robert pattinson batman 2021 reboot matt reeves

Opinion and reaction on Robert Pattinson cast as the new Batman in the upcoming Matt Reeves’ reboot (2021)

It has been reported that Robert Pattinson might be cast to play the young Bruce Wayne / Batman in the upcoming DCEU film simply titled The Batman (2021).

*I mistakenly thought Warner Bros. Pictures have announced and confirmed this. This turns out to be untrue.

Pattinson will be completely replacing Ben Affleck who has left the entire DCEU project. This Batman reboot is slated for 2021 release and will be directed by Matt Reeves who did the recent Planet of the Apes sequels.

So yeah, from a sparkling bootleg vampire to a man who dresses like a bat. Quite fitting if you asked me. I understand some people might dislike Pattinson because he’s most known for playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.

So did I but after seeing a couple of other films Pattinson acted in, like Cosmopolis (2012) and The Rover (2014), I think he’s actually a very good actor. His performance in Cosmopolis got him a lot of praises from the critics as well.

I think he actually has potential to be a great Bruce Wayne. He can easily do the wealthy playboy who’s secretly a serious emo dude within. He has definitely proven he’s capable of that in Cosmopolis where we played a young self-destructing billionaire. But as The Batman himself who jumps around kicking ass and talks with a funny rough voice… we will have to wait and see.

Those are my quick thoughts and reaction on this. What do you think about Robert Pattinson as The Batman? Let me know by commenting below!

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