Tifa’s Appearance for Final Fantasy VII Remake – Quick Thoughts

tifa remake vs original final fantasy vii
tifa remake vs original final fantasy vii

Honest opinions on Tifa Lockhart’s looks for the Final Fantasy VII Remake

The new trailer and battle system of the Final Fantasy VII Remake have been revealed at E3 today. The 1997 original Final Fantasy VII is my favourite game of all time so naturally I’d have some opinions about the remake and what Square Enix have shown so far.

But the most talked about thing right now is, no surprise, Tifa Lockhart, who appeared for the first time in a trailer since the announcement of the remake. Tifa is apparently the biggest topic now (no pun intended) even in Malaysia.

The character is the one of the top sex symbols in video game history to all men of culture (ha-ha). So it is extremely important that they get her appearance right in this upcoming remake.

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room right off the bat. Yes, her boobs are much smaller in this remake but I don’t think a lot of fans are surprised. Her boobs were already made smaller in the 2005 sequel film Advent Children. They’re only slightly smaller than that now.

Besides, I think it would look very weird to keep her tits that huge in a more realistic design and setting like what the remake is going for. The only thing I didn’t like about her appearance is her outfit. It feels like they tried to keep her original outfit on while toning her sexiness down by giving her more stuff to wear.

Is Tifa’s top a one-piece or a two-piece thing? It looks kinda ugly to me. If she’s wearing a smaller, low-cut tank top over a bigger top inside, it makes no sense. Even if the black top is a sports bra like most people are saying, girls would usually wear a t-shirt or something bigger over it to completely cover the sports bra.

Or is the black top an earlier version of her zipped sleeveless jacket from Advent Children? Maybe her white tank top will tear off towards the end of the game and reveal only the black one inside as a nod to Advent Children. But even in Advent Children, she wears her white tank top under the jacket, not over it because it would’ve looked funny like now.

They also give her long black stockings to cover her legs. I mean, it’s just so obvious that they’re trying to desexualise her. Perhaps to avoid criticisms from feminists and whatnot. And subtly sexualise Aerith instead (ha-ha).

But come on, it’s a video game. It’s fantasy. It’s called Final FANTASY. And Tifa is popular because of her gigantic breasts and extremely sexy outfit. You don’t have to Lara Croft every single sex symbol you have, Square Enix. Well I guess at least they didn’t turn her mini skirt into just shorts.

Despite the changes they’ve done to her, she looks like she’s still going to be many fans’ best waifu. It may not have turned out like how I imagined but I am still very on board with everything else about how she looks right now. Her face is gorgeous. She’s like glowing in the trailer. Her action moves are pretty awesome. I do hope she will still get to carry and throw gigantic monsters with her Limit Breaks like in the original.

I’m sure the character designs in the trailer are not finalised and even if they are, it can be changed before the release in 2020. But I am content with how the other characters look so far ’cause who cares about the changes they did on the other characters right? (ha-ha)

I am both skeptical and excited about the remake. I really hope it won’t turn out to be like Final Fantasy XV. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the Tifa remake’s first reveal. What did you think about it? Comment below and let’s discuss about it.

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  1. Hana

    You’re kidding right? The thigh high stockings + short skirt combination is extremely popular in Japan. If anything, it’s probably used to subtly sexualise her in a different way since they had to tone down her boob size. Japanese games are generally still made for Japan first, you know.

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