Guinness Flavour by Fire attracts thousands to the two tasty, eventful days

Guinness Flavour by Fire crowd

Good cooked food, large crowd and a cold smooth Guinness Draught at Flavour by Fire 2019 Malaysia

Held at The Gasket Alley in Petaling Jaya last weekend, Guinness Flavour by Fire festival celebrated all things roasted, grilled and BBQ’d. Thousands of foodies turn up to feast on specially-curated dishes paired with cold, smooth Guinness Draught.

A few other past events were held at this location but this was my first time attending one. Despite arriving just an hour after its official starting time, it was already crowded with people and queues at the food vendors were already long. But I guess I should have been surprised.

Celebrating this transformative power of fire, the Guinness Flavour by Fire festival brought together some of KL’s hottest chefs and musicians for a two-day feast for the senses. Serving up a range of delectable dishes for the thousands of hungry party-goers in attendance were five chefs, each with their own signature styles and techniques — Celebrity chef Sapna Anand (GOA by Spana), Suren Krishnan (Tipsy Boar), Pitmaster Kok Fung (Texas Barbeque joint Burnin’ Pit) and Sherson Lian & Johnny Fua (Kitchen Mafia).

guinness flavour by fire 2019 malaysia

Despite having to cook and serve thousands on the spot, the food were absolutely delicious. Ain’t nothing more satisfying than non-halal food grilled, roasted or barbecued by fire. And consuming them with cold, smooth Guinness Draughts.

“There’s something very special about cooking food over fire – from campfires to barbeques, it brings people together in a way you don’t get using other cooking methods. Guinness has a similar effect – it’s the perfect way to celebrate getting together with friends and family for some quality Guinness Time.” said Archana Sridhara, Marketing Manager, Guinness & Diageo Brands at HEINEKEN Malaysia.

“The fact that Guinness pairs so perfectly with roasted and barbequed dishes, and that we use fire to give Guinness its unique colour and flavour by roasting our barley at 232° Celsius makes Guinness Flavour by Fire a great way to express everything Malaysians love about Guinness.”, she added.

This being a Guinness event, there were plenty of other activities to keep attendees entertained after they had feasted on all the food on offer. Performances from fan favourites Kyoto Protocol, K-Town Clan, Crinkle Cut, Church Mouse and Skits got people moving on Day 1 of Guinness Flavour by Fire, while Day 2 saw Jumero, Kaya, Dani Komari, Samantha Diana and Muzza and Arjuna took the stage.

Kaya Band guinness flavour by fire
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