Why people read ColourlessOpinions.com

“Anything from Tony Teh is honest to goodness, straight to your face cold hard truth. Well, if you can’t stomach the finer details of the truth, then read his blog with an open mind. Movie reviews are his forte too, and you can be sure the reviews are good.” – IsaacTan.net

“Sebab-sebab saya membaca blog colourless opinions™ (adalah) kerana saya (mengagum) semangatnya sebagai rakyat Malaysia dengan (menghadiri) ke perhimpunan Bersih 2.0. Selain itu, saya amat berminat dengan penulisan filem yang ditonton olehnya dengan kritikan yang ikhlas. Citarasa muziknya yang amat menarik & tidak jauh ditenggelami dengan muzik masakini. Oleh itu, saya amat syorkan blog ini kepada semua!” – CleverMunkey.blogspot.com

“I read ColourlessOpinions.com because (Tony Teh) always has his own perception and point of views when comes to the reviews such as movies, food and political. Straightforward yet true enough to be ownself instead of being someone else that just to please others.” – ShortIsAnotherSexy.blogspot.com

“Straight to the point, informative, some times a little bit adventurous, a blog with a personality that shouts free spirit colourless opinions™ thats why I read this blog.” – BenjaminFoo.com

“It’s not one of those blogs that blog just about anything for the sake of blogging. It is informative as it comprises of review for most of the upcoming movie, and sometimes (other) issues (as well).” – JessyLovesU.com

“Life is hectic as it is that’s why I read colourless opinions™ to keep me up to date with the goings on in the country. From restaurant reviews to movies and from music to recreational spots , Colourless Opinions™ colours me informed. Why strain my 2 brain cells to do the thinking when I can get someone else to do the thinking for me all for free?” – Reader/fan